Withering Away
8.6 | 8 votes

Album: Swamplord

The band members created this video for a college project after their debut release of "Swamplord".

The Groan Of Wind
9.4 | 15 votes

12 Gauge
7.3 | 18 votes

Album: 12 Gauge

Seventh Swamphony
8.1 | 9 votes

Directed by: Jukka Vidgren
Album: Seventh Swamphony

Director of photography: Juuso Laatio
Camera operators: Juuso Laatio, Jukka Vidgren, Petteri Stavén
Editing and color grading: Juuso Laatio
Visual effects: Petteri Stavén
Special effects make-up and SVX: Taneli Rantakokko
Costume design: Saida Inkeri Jäntti
Production assistants: Hanne Gröhn, Juho Naumanen
Actors: Markku Merenheimo, Elmeri Merenheimo