Nine Inch Nails - Trivia

Trent wrote and composed the whole soundtrack to the 1996 video game Quake. In the game, on the side of the ammo crates for the nail-gun, the "NIN" Nine Inch Nails logo can be seen.
The Nine Inch Nails logo was inspired by the album cover for "Remain in Light", by Talking Heads. The 'A's in TALKING HEADS were inverted, which inspired the reversed N for NIN.
The NIN song Starfuckers, Inc. is a parody of Trent's friend and protégé, Marilyn Manson.
NIN released the source files for The Hand That Feeds, in Garageband format, to allow fans to remix it.
Trent lent his vocal talents to a Tori Amos song called 'Past The Mission' off of her album Under The Pink. He provides the background vocals for the track.
There are NIN tracks heard in the movie "The Fan" starring Wesley Snipes and Whitney Houston, that are not listed on the soundtrack. They include a remix of 'Closer', and The Art Of Self Destruction I & II.
David Bowie appears on "The Art of Self Destruction" at 4:31, repeating the line "Falls wanking to the floor".
Trent has John Lennon's mellotron, which he used on 'Broken', 'The Fragile', and Marilyn Manson's third full-length album 'Antichrist Superstar'.
After Trent abandoned the Exotic Birds, he found a job at Bart Koster's 'Right Track' recording studio, where he began to work out demos for a solo project, adopting the name Nine Inch Nails.
Trent's nickname is Stimpy.
Trent has two dogs, a Labrador that he calls Ethyl, and a Weirmaraner named Daisy May.