Nocturnal Rites - Trivia

in 1995 Owe had a zoo for reptiles in Visby, Sweden...Two crocodiles escaped and ran around in the central parts of the city. The whole thing was a huge scandal in Sweden.
The band used to rehearse in Tommy's (old drummer) living room in the old days.
Fredrik used to sing in a punk band before starting Nocturnal Rites. He also played in a grindcore band.
Fredrik built his first guitar at the age of 15 - a black bloodstained "Flying V" which he still uses.
For one of the first NR photo sessions in the early 90's the photographer was smoking while shooting and blew smoke in front the lens making most of the pictures unusable.
Nils E once passed out during one of the very first NR shows back in the early 90's.
The first band Jonny sang in was called Arrows, he was only 10 years old at the time.
Owe played in a pop band called Änglarna (The Angels) and had a really funny 80's hairdo.
Every Nocturnal Rites album so far has been recorded in winter, except for Grand Illusion.
Nocturnal Rites started off as death metal, recording one demo. After a 4-year hiatus, they released their first album and changed their sound to power metal, then to speed metal, and now they are back to power metal.