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W.A.S.P. - Trivia

Apart from being a musician, Lawless can be seen in Can't Stop the Music (1980), a musical about The Village People, and in the 1985 fantasy/horror film The Dungeonmaster. He also had a cameo role related to the 1984 movie This Is Spinal Tap; he appeared in a mock commercial celebrating the release of the Spinal Tap recording.

Lawless was asked to audition for the role of Sammi Curr in the 1986 horror film Trick or Treat, but declined the offer. The role was given to Tony Fields.
Lawless was considered for the role of the liquid-metal T-1000 in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, although his height proved to be a problem. The role of the original Terminator had been written for a man of average stature, who could easily blend in to a crowd, and James Cameron wanted to apply that original concept to dramatic effect for the T-1000. In an AOL chat, Lawless explained: "Probably the biggest regret that I have, though I didn't turn it down, was a part in Terminator 2 that Robert Patrick got. Schwarzenegger wanted me to do the part, but when he found out I was 6'4", I couldn't. I regret not being able to do that."
Baseball player Ryne Duren is Blackie Lawless' uncle. Before becoming a musician, Lawless played in the minor leagues for the Cincinnati Reds organization. He is a fan of his hometown team, the New York Yankees.
Lawless is of Blackfoot Native American ancestry. His mother - a professional dancer - was part French and part Native American.
W.A.S.P. was notorious for throwing meat at the crowd during their concerts. Soon the fans started bringing their own meat at gigs which they threw back, it was mostly liver. At a show in Finland 1984, someone threw a huge chunk of frozen meat at Chris Holmes, right at the start of a song. When Blackie Lawless turned around, wondering why Chris wasn't playing, he found Chris knocked out cold!
As part of the W.A.S.P. stage performance, Blackie mounts a demonic-looking metal sculpture called "Elvis" that doubles as a microphone stand.
Lead singer Blackie Lawless was actually in a band with Mötley Crüe's bassist Nikki Sixx before forming W.A.S.P. Nikki Sixx was supposedly thrown out of Blackie's band because he was unwilling to follow Blackie's orders.
The letters in the name W.A.S.P. don't really mean anything. Blackie himself has noted that the dots between letters were a genius idea of his - to let people figure the name out for themselves. Some people believe the initials of W.A.S.P. stand for "We Are Sexual Perverts" or "We Are Satan's People" or "White Anglo Saxon Protestants" or even "We Are Satan's Preachers". "We Are Sexual Perverts" is inscribed on their first album into the vinyl next to the label. When asked, Blackie normally doesn't give a straight answer. In one interview, he answered "We Ain't Sure, Pal".