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Twisted Sister - Trivia

Dee Snyder was featured on the hit Comedy Central show called "Chappelle's Show". During the segment random people can ask Mario Cantone from "Sex In The City" various questions about homosexuals.
In the film Pee Wee's Big Adventure, during the movie's legendary chase scene throughout Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, Calif., Pee Wee stumbles upon Twisted Sister shooting a music video for the signature track 'Burn in Hell.'
Twisted Sister became the first metal band to release a Christmas album.
Twisted Sister originally played glam rock until Dee Snider joined in 1976 and took over as the songwriter. Jay Jay French and Eddie Ojeda had performed as the band's vocalists until then.
Twisted Sister were broken up from 1987 to the late 1990s. The band still exists as a touring band (with the classic Stay Hungry lineup) but there are no plans to release any more albums, despite the fact that they did release a re-recording of their 1984 classic album Stay Hungry in 2004 and a Christmas album in 2006.
On July 27, 2010, Dee Snider and his family began appearing in the reality television show "Growing Up Twisted," airing on the Arts and Entertainment (A&E) Network.
Twisted Sister challenged Hanoi Rocks and Manowar to a street fight back in '83 while in England. Twisted Sister showed up the next day in jeans and leather with a growing crowd of English SMFs cheering them on, but neither of the other groups showed up! This story came from the official Twisted Sister book and was confirmed by Dee and AJ. The trigger was that Manowar had called them something like "sissies with make-up" in an interview.
Twisted Sister's song 'We're Not Gonna Take It' was on the list of the filthy fifteen, fifteen songs that were considered too violent, profane, sexually explicit, occult or alcohol/drug related. This list was brought up in the 1980s by Tipper Gore, who founded the Parent's Music Resource Center, some sort of a censorship organization. The song was rated for violence because it should "encourage the children to violent acts".

Because Dee Snider was arrested in Amarillo, Texas for obscenity, their music became the generic term for sick metal. However, several years later, the US government used Twisted Sister's music to oust Panamian strongman Manuel Noriega from the Vatican Embassy where he had taken cover.