Zimmers Hole - Trivia

The members of Zimmers Hole (excluding Gene Hoglan) are gigantic fans of AC/DC. Hoglan stated in an interview that his audition into the band was basically "admitting" to liking AC/DC.
Zimmers Hole are named after Dean Zimmer of The Kill.
Chris Valagao was a touring keyboard player for Strapping Young Lad in 2002. He has also performed backing and choir vocals on several Strapping Young Lad and other Devin Townsend-related albums.
The members use or have used the following pseudonyms:

Chris Valagao - Heathen, Dr. Heathen Hooch, E.Val, Lorde Of Ass-Fire
Jed Simon - El Smooché, Lorde Of Electric Wynde
Chris Stanley - The High Commander Of The Satanic Bubble
Byron Stroud - Sickie Moochmaster, Lorde Of Greased Thunder
Steven Wheeler - Bangsley Starnipples, Lorde Of Strobe Lightning
Starting as early as 1991, Zimmers Hole spent many years as a side project of Jed Simon and Byron Stroud next to Strapping Young Lad. When Strapping Young Lad was put on ice in 2007 they decided to make Zimmers Hole their main band and signed with Century Media.