The band started as a three-piece with an unknown guitarist/vocalist, who soon allegedly vanished without the other members knowing anything of his whereabouts.
The band originally consisted of all vegetarians, but Josh and Travis are the only vegetarians in the band now.
Travis Ryan claims to own more than 2,000 CDs, an estimate of 50 of which he says are metal.
Cattle Decapitation's songs protest the mistreatment and human consumption of animals as well as the abuse of the environment. All members of the group are vegetarians, though their lyrics are focused on subjects such as misanthropy and the genocide of the human race. Through the use of macabre lyrical content the members of the band represent their views on animal rights.
The band is known for their support to organizations like PETA (which also nominated them as "sexiest vegetarians"). In addition, most artwork is often related to pro-animal rights and totally anti-human.