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ProgPower USA 2016 - Devin Townsend, Fates Warning, Green Carnation Confirmed

As always, as soon as ProgPower USA current edition ends, the line-up for the next year is announced. And ProgPower USA 2016 will be big. Already confirmed are performances by Devin Townsend with special guest Anneke van Giersbergen; Fates Warning playing Awaken The Guardian in its entirety with singer John Arch; Green Carnation performing Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness in its entirety; Scar Symmetry, The Gentle Storm and many more.


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Roadburn 2016 - Green Carnation, Amenra, Lychgate And More Confirmed

Roadburn 2016 continues to shape up with a string of new announcements today. Are you ready? Well, first of all, Green Carnation will perform their entire masterpiece, Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness, on the fest. Amenra will be playing a rare acoustic show, plus a fully electric mass; The Skull are also playing two shows. Lychgate are performing An Antidote For The Glass Pill in its entirety with an organist on stage, and Chaos Echśs have been added to the bill as well as La Muerte, Der Blutharsch And The Infinite Church Of Leading Hand, and Of The Wand And The Moon. Also, Roadburn 2016 tickets will go on sale on October 2nd! Mark your calendars, folks.


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Green Carnation - 'Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness' Anniversary Shows In 2016

It seems like 2016 could be a memorable year for Green Carnation. At least, their fans will be able to enjoy the 60-minute concept song masterpiece Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness being performed live with a full production on the album's 15th anniversary. The Norwegian progressive metallers reunited in 2014 to play Under The Dam for the second time. Later this year, they will also perform at Norway's Blastfest 2016.


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Green Carnation - To Reunite, Announce Special Show

If you love Green Carnation, you will love this. The Norwegian progressive metal legends will reunite in the summer of 2014. It was announced that the band is going to do their second concept show A Night Under The Dam deep into the mountains in South Norway on July 31st. The show will include both acoustic and plugged parts and showcase songs from all of their five albums. Who knows if this is the beginning of a comeback with maybe a new album. One can dream...


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Green Carnation - Line Up Split

Green Carnation frontman and guitarist Tchort has announced in an announcement on the band's website that the current line up of Green Carnation has split up.

"Although releasing the amazing concert DVD "A Night Under The Dam" earlier this year, the band felt drained of energy after the miserable organized USA tour put together by The End Records and their booking agent. The End Records being one of the main supporters of the band the last years, bringing hope back to Green Carnation's view on the music business, left the band with broken promises, huge debts, theft of license money and a poor organized tour draining the band for energy. The band doesn't blame The End Records for all of its problems, but they made a bad situation worse by first giving the tour a green light when the conditions for the tour were doomed from the beginning and then later withdraw license money, merchandise money, merchandise and not paying the band or its sound engineer, leaving the band in debts. All of which could have been avoided by cancelling the tour before it started. The End Records lost money on the tour as well, so why it wasn't cancelled when the contracts for the tour were offered to the label, is a unanswered question.

The deal for the tour was that Green Carnation would cover the flights to and from the USA, while the rest of the tour would be covered by The End Records and tour income. But in the end, the band covered the flights, their own fee, the fee of the sound engineer, some of the gas and hotel expenses during the tour, and paid for CD's that were sold during the tour. On top of that The End Records - withdraw the license money from the last album, took all the merch money and the CD's to cover their own losses. What The End Records had to gain from sending the band across the world, driving across the continent of America twice, just to come to a town where the local promoter haven't been seen around for the last 4 months, or arrive at clubs that don't even know you are coming, to clubs where the local promoter put up another show because the booking agent never replied to their booking confirmation so instead they went ahead and booked other tours on the same date.

In the end, it made the band members avoid live situations, tours and business partners. The band members felt they had little or nothing to give anymore, and I don't blame them. I saw where we were heading and it wasn't where we wanted to be at, so instead of ending up with a mediocre album, we decided to call it the quits after the most spectacular release we have produced so far; "A Night Under The Dam" on DVD."


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Green Carnation - Track From DVD Online

Sublife Productions has uploaded a full track from the latest Green Carnation DVD "A Night Under The Dam". The song 'Maybe?' can be viewed in its entirety by clicking here.
Go to the Sublife Productions website to find a shorter DVD preview of the same song.


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Green Carnation - Releases A New DVD

The band posted this on their MySpace profile:

"Sublife Productions has announced the exclusive and limited pre-release of Green Carnation's "A Night Under the Dam" concert on DVD. The DVD is scheduled to be released in February 2007, but a limited first pressing will be made available to the Norwegian audience through a December 11 release in all shops and to fans in the USA through The End Records mailorder. 100 fans from the rest of the world can order the DVD directly from Sublife Productions.

Teaser videos and photo galleries/slideshows have been posted online. Check the Green Carnation profile for links and further information.

About the DVD: This special concert event took place on August 3, 2006, almost 700 meters above the ocean, several kilometers into the Norwegian mountains, under a 30-meter-tall dam built in 1939. Together with guest artists and a string quartet, Green Carnation performed its entire "Acoustic Verses" album and other material in front of more than 500 enthusiastic audience members, some of them travelling all the way from the USA, Italy, Ireland, Germany and Holland. This DVD (PAL format only!) contains the entire live show, including two bonus songs ("Six Ribbons" and "Transparent Me"), extensive photo gallery (170+ images), a behind-the-scenes video and full 5.1 Surround Sound to ensure the best possible viewing and listening experience. This is the closest you can get to the "real thing," a unique concert event from by a unique band. This is a PAL-only DVD release. Region free (plays in all regions)."

the information on how to pre-order the DVD is on their myspace page

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Raismesfest - Green Carnation Appearance Cancelled

As ôsted on Green Carnation's official website:

Our appearance at RaismesFest has been cancelled. This was supposed to be the first gig on our European Tour, and the deal was therefore made with that in mind considering flight-tickets and so on. Once again we are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused some of our fans.

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Green Carnation - European Tour Cancelled

Taken from the official website:

"We are sad to inform you that the planned European Tour this September has been cancelled. The headliner, Tristania, couldn't make it and the promotor, Metallysee, couldn't find a replacement in time so the whole thing got cancelled. The show at Raismes-fest on September 9th is not a part of the tour and may still find place. This we will know in a week or so.

Since we are not going on tour, we will do our best to make sure that the Acoustic Verses DVD will be ready for release early December this year."

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Green Carnation - Special Hometown Gig Announced

Green Carnation singer Kjetil Nordhus on 31 st May commented on what he promises will be the band's biggest concert in terms of location and exclusivity:

"People will have to wait for a couple of weeks still to get the whole story, but we are creating a concert so spectacular that it will be of international interest. The reason why I'm commenting this today, is because people might need time to plan their summer, not least if Norway is going to be included in their plans. This is also a service from the band to our foreign fans, so they could have the chance to purchase tickets for the gig before it's sold out. There will be a national press conference in Norway on the location of the concert on June 13th, but Green Carnation would like to give away some information already today:

- The gig is on Thursday the 3rd of August near Kristiansand, Norway, where we all live. It's going to be something we'll only do once, and I can promise this will be something people that are there will never forget. For more information about the show and how to purchase tickets, use the following email address:"

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Green Carnation - New EP

Norway's GREEN CARNATION are gearing up for their North American live debut with their exclusive headlining show at Day of The Equinox in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on October 14.

GREEN CARNATION — who released their well-received fourth album, "The Quiet Offspring", on The End Records this year — plan to make the October 14 appearance a special event for their fans, showcasing material from their current album and older material.

Says GREEN CARNATION singer Kjetil Nordhus, "After a long wait, our North American debut is getting close. This will be a special event because, along with current material we will play, we also plan to play a good portion of 'Light of Day, Day of Darkness' (2001's critically acclaimed single-track album) for our live set. We are specifically bringing over our sound guy for this because it important for us to get the right sound that we need in order to share the different moods of that complex album with the audience. The entire band is really looking forward to coming over there and we feel that this might be one of the band's most important gigs for a long time. We're more eager than nervous, so that must be a good sign."

Also of note, GREEN CARNATION plans to release an exclusive edition all-acoustic EP at the event, titled "The Burden Is Mine… Alone", the first release through the band's own production company Sublife Productions and Profound Lore Records.

"The acoustic EP consists of four songs, two not to be released on our forthcoming full-length (the band's 15th anniversary acoustic album, 'Acoustic Verses'). In good GREEN CARNATION tradition we are again stretching our limits of the band and the EP sounds very different from anything we have done in the past. But the one thing that is still very important is our approach. The fact that we are doing it our own way, which in that case, makes this a regular GREEN CARNATION album if that makes any sense at all."

"The Burden Is Mine…Alone" track listing is as follows:

01. Burden Is Mine… Alone
02. Transparent Me
03. Sweet Leaf
04. Six Ribbons (JON ENGLISH cover)

Taken from


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Green Carnation - "Myron & Cole" video to download

"Myron & Cole" video is available for downloading on the band website. This video represents a part of the band live performance from Markens Cafè, Kristiansand, dated from October 2004.
For downloading/viewing it, follow this link:

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Green Carnation - New Live Video Online

A live video from "Miron & Cole" was posted online on the band website.
The video was filmed live at Markens Cafè, Kristiansand in October 2004.

Also, Green Carnation celebrates their 15th anniversary in 2005.
Here is Kenneth's statement:
"In addition to touring and promoting the new full album "The Quiet Offspring", the band wants to something spesial for the fans. "We have already discussed different ideas and hopefully we will be able to go through with them in between touring and other activities. It's a nice opportunity to do something spesial and different, and it's going to be a nice surprice. But first we need to focuse on the release of the new album".

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Green Carnation - Completed Recordings

"Green Carnation Completes 4th studio album titled: "The Quiet Offspring":
On September 15th, the band finished recording its 4th full length album, scheduled to be released through Season of Mist in February 2005.
The band is very excited about the new material and looking forward to hearing the mastered tapes when they arrive in a couple of days. More info about the album will be released soon".

Also, the cover of the forthcoming album was posted online on the website of the band.

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Green Carnation - part ways with drummer

GREEN CARNATION, the Norwegian band featuring Tchort (a.k.a. Terje Vik Schei, ex-EMPEROR, SATYRICON, EINHERJER), have parted ways with drummer Anders Kobro. A replacement has been found in the shape of Tommy Jackson, a longtime fan and friend of the band.
"Anders is a metal drummer and most of all, an extreme metal drummer," Tchort said in a statement. "We didnt feel that his drumming skills was what GREEN CARNATION needed for the two last albums, his skills are of much more use in a band like CARPATHIAN FOREST, where he still plays. We want the drums to play a more important role than they have for the two last albums, and therefore we have agreed with Anders Kobro for him to step down, and for Tommy Jackson to take his place. We believe that the band will benefit and progress from this change, as Tommy is more of the drummer we want in the style we are playing. Kobro agrees to that.
"So, no matter how standard it may sound, it is for musical differences that our ways part with Anders Kobro, but obviously he played an important role on the three albums he did with the band and there are mixed feelings with this change, but we all believe it will be for the best.
"We believe that it would be best if the news are breaked sooner than later, as we want the album to be in focus when the time of release is closing in and not a member change, so feel free to announce the line up change already now.
"GREEN CARNATION will still play the two confirmed shows on October 2nd (Lost Souls Festival, headliner, Kristiansand) and 8th (Tribute, headliner, Sandnes), with Tommy Jackson on drums."
GREEN CARNATION's new album will be released in early through The End Records in the U.S. and Season of Mist in Europe.

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