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Charon - Jasse left the band.

Charon's guitarist and songwriter have announced that he left the band.

More of this later... there is no English translation yet, but this is the reason, in Finnish:

Aikansa kutakin

Pitkän pohdinnan ja asioiden prioriteettien seurauksena olen tullut siihen pisteeseen, että on aika jättää yksi vaihe elämässäni taakse. Charonilla ei ole minulle enää mitään annettavaa musiikillisesti eikä muutenkaan, mielenkiintoni kyseistä kokoonpanoa kohtaan on hävinnyt täysin.

Viimeisen vuoden aikana olen yksinkertaisesti saanut totaalisesti tarpeekseni siitä kaikesta.

Tällä hetkellä keskityn leipätyöhöni.

Tulen kuitenkin jatkamaan musiikin parissa jatkossakin ja kirjoitan uutta materiaalia koko ajan. Se missä yhteyksissä sitä mahdollisesti tullaan
jatkossa käyttämään, jääköön tässä vaiheessa tulevaisuuden näytettäväksi.

Kiitos kaikille faneille ja tukijoille näistä vuosista.

Jasse Von Hast

Oulussa 24.11.2003

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Fear Factory New Album

FEAR FACTORY have officially signed a new record deal with D3 Entertainment in the US, and Roadrunner Records in Europe. The new album, titled Archetype, is currently being recorded at Rumbo Recorders in Los Angeles with engineer Ken Marshall. Archetype is expected to be released in April 2004. Byron Stroud has been added to the lineup to handle the bass guitar.


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DIMMU BORGIR: Two Songs In 'Hellboy' Trailer

Norwegian black metallers DIMMU BORGIR beat out hundreds of other bands to land two songs in the trailer of the upcoming movie "Hellboy".

The supernatural action adventure film, which was written and directed by Guillermo Del Toro ("Blade 2") and based on the enormously popular Dark Horse Comics series of the same name, will be released nationally on April 2, 2004.

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Death - Control Denied New Album

From Hammerheart Records:

As of today we are announcing a release on CD by Chuck Schuldiner's CONTROL DENIED.

It will feature incomplete, unfinished recordings which were meant for the new album, which unfortunately was never finished, at least up until the moment of this press-statement.

We have requested to get the Master tapes on these recordings, but Chuck's family do not wish to communicate or talk with us anymore, let alone send us the Master tapes (which are 75% finished) that should have been with us long ago.

Probably there will be a lot of talk and discussions appearing, which we can understand obviously, but a fact is that we signed a contract with Chuck that he was very happy about, paid the full advance in 2000, have been asking for a solution during 2002 and 2003, but in all honesty we never really got a reply.

The only honest and valid reason why the "real" album by CONTROL DENIED is still not released is very simple; the legal heritors of Chuck (= his family) refuse to do anything concerning this release, if they will claim differently it is time for them to prove us wrong, we have been waiting for 18 months. I think they should stop fooling around with the record-label and the fans, the time to act in honesty is now or never !!! We are not lying, not cheating and in no way disrespectful, if someone disagrees he will need to prove us wrong, it is in the hands of Chuck's family.

Possible release date is: spring 2004.

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Vader Prepares New Album

Polish death metallers VADER have set "Spiritual Disease" as the working title for their sixth full-length album, tentatively due in May/June through Metal Blade Records.

The follow-up to 2002's "Revelations" will be recorded in February 2004 at PR Studio in Gdañsk with producer Piotr £ukaszewski and will mark the group's final release for Metal Blade under the terms of their present contract with the label.

In March 2004, VADER are going to invade Slovakia and Czech Republic, sharing the stage with HYPNOS and some local bands. A European tour with MALEVOLENT CREATION, NAGLFAR and BLOOD RED THRONE will follow in June.

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Nobody feels like leaving the band voluntarily

And the controversy on Stratovarius future goes on...

STRATOVARIUS keyboardist Jens Johansson has offered the following comment via the group's official message board regarding the status of the band's lineup:

"Within the band we made the agreement that Timo will decide who plays in the band, I mean on the records, live etc. I actually drew up the agreement myself, so that none of us would be able to entertain any illusions of 'hijacking' the band by a democratic majority vote or something. To me, I think this is a useful arrangement, I would say even if I get booted out as a result, believe it or not! I am a man of principles. And anyone is free to leave on their own volition too, of course. It's a band, not a concentration camp, like Yngwie used to say.

"I can assure you, nobody feels like leaving voluntarily. But what goes on in the hearts and minds of Finns is sometimes difficult to detect. Especially if they don't answer their phone!!!! If Timo wants to have new people in the band I would of course be very sad, because I quite enjoy working with these guys. But there is nothing I can do about how people feel. Either musically or about other things. Timo is a stubborn guy, or he wouldn't have gotten this far!"


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Stratovarius - Three Bandmembers Have To Leave

STRATOVARIUS guitarist Timo Tolkki has posted the following message on the band's official web site:

"I am in the process of talking seriously with each bandmember about the future of STRATOVARIUS.

"There are lots of rumours circling around and this statement is issued to clear some of those.

"The band is in a severe crisis at the moment.

"Looking back now, it is very clear to me why the situation has catapulted into crisis.

"I have my own way to lead STRATOVARIUS and since being in this band since '84 (almost 20 years) I have had a very clear vision about the musical direction of STRATO. To put it short and simple, this is my band.

"I decide what STRATOVARIUS sounds like. Stylists might decide how STRATOVARIUS looks like. I don't give a fuck about that though, I love music and we are not some fucking BACKSTREET BOYS. We eat metal and shit chains.

"Before some of you start shouting 'dictator', I would like to tell you that we have always shared the income from the band equally. Everyone gets the same from all income. I can tell you many bands when it's not like this.

"Up until very last weeks I though things were fine, there have been arguments, but nothing fancy. At this point I feel that my vision of where to take STRATOVARIUS next is threatened. Along with many other things, which I cannot tell you due to legal reasons. Let me just say this: when the things get so heated that some people in the band enter into fistfight, then something is wrong, wouldn't you agree?

"I am talking with Kotipelto and Kainulainen here in Finland at the moment and next week I fly to New York to talk to Johansson. Then I fly to Germany to talk to Michael. And then I have to think.

"So you guys have to wait for some more time for some more news.

"At this point it seems 95% sure that 3 bandmembers have to leave. I really hope I can work things out with them, but if not, then they will have to go.

"And to those who say I should leave STRATOVARIUS I say, hmmm well, perhaps it's better that I don't say anything, so I just say, 'Fuck Off!' I am not leaving anywhere, we just signed this new deal and I am going to continue writing new songs and there will be more albums, no matter what the line up will be.


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METALLICA Threatened With Copyright Infringement is reporting that the members of the defunct punk/metal fusion band EXCEL are considering legal action against METALLICA over the latter's song "Enter Sandman" which they claim borrows heavily from the EXCEL track "Tapping Into The Emotional Void"

"Tapping Into The Emotional Void" was originally included on EXCEL's "The Joke's On You" LP, which surfaced in 1989 two years prior to the release of METALLICA's self-titled CD.

"Enter Sandman" currently stands as the biggest hit of METALLICA's career, having peaked at No. 16 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart back in August 1991. METALLICA's self-titled "black album" has sold more than 13 million copies in the U.S., according to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

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'Binge & Purge' To Be Re-Released In Europe In DVD

METALLICA's "Live Shit: Binge & Purge" the unprecedented box set featuring three complete concerts on three CDs and three VHS tapes will finally be re-released in Europe as a 3-CD, 2-DVD box set on November 24.

The package, which was originally issued in 1993, was made available in the U.S. in DVD format last year.

"Live Shit: Binge & Purge" content (nine hours of live material):

- Live Concert - Seattle 1989 (DVD)
- Live Concert - San Diego 1992 (DVD)
- Live Concert - Mexico City 1993 (3 CDs)
- a 72-page digital book on DVD #2.
- an old snakepit pass
- a scary-guy stencil

The box is priced at 42.99 EUR

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Legion left Marduk

Vocalist Legion is no longer a part of Marduk. Marduk have cancelled the upcoming shows( Blackest of the Black Festival in London and the 2 shows in Greece) A replacment for Legion has already been found and will be presented very soon.

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Stratovarius to change line-up?

Guitarist Timo Tolkki of Finland's Stratovarius has posted a statement on the band's website that he will be commenting on the band's future sometime next week. The band currently has no tour plans for the recently released Elements Part 2 and sources close to the guitarist state that the lines of communication between himself and singer Timo Kotipelto are so strained that they only communicate through their lawyers. Timo has also suggested that he's unhappy with some of the band members. Could a major change in personnel be forthcoming? This all comes just weeks after signing a three album deal worth over 3 million dollars with Sanctuary Records......stay tuned for details.

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DRAGONFORCE Begin Work On New Album

London-based power metallers DRAGONFORCE have started work on the follow-up to their debut album, "Valley Of The Damned", released earlier this year.

The majority of the recording is taking place at Thin Ice Studios, Virginia Water, Surrey, England with producer Karl Groom, while all the guitars are being recorded at guitarist Herman Li's own private studio in West London.

Li, Z.P. Theart (vocals), Sam Totman (guitars), and Vadim Pruzhanov (keyboards) have now been joined by new bassist Adrian Lambert and drummer David Mackintosh (also with BAL-SAGOTH).

Said Li, "We are working hard every day in the studio, and I can tell you that the new album will exceed the boundaries of melodic, speed power metal."

The new, as-yet-untitled album will be released on the Noise Records label on March 22, 2004.

In other news, DRAGONFORCE will be heading out on their debut Japanese tour late January 2004 as special guests of German legends HELLOWEEN.

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Golem are very proud to announce that we've reached an agreement with the French label Diamond Productions for an official distribution of the demo CD "Death Never Dies", which will be out in first of May with a re-mastered version done by Dario Mollo and distributed in almost all the European countries and also over Europe. We sincerely hope this operation will be successful and take the chance to thanks Jérôme from Diamond Prod. for his big interest and help in our work and also for the chance he's giving us to expand our music all over the world. We hope this relationship will last for a long time. Also a big thanks to Nicola Lonigro (sound engineer), Claudio Grilli (graphics) and to all our fans (this result comes also from you), by hoping that, from now on, you will increase. Thanks to all!!!

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The Kovenant In Writing Mode

Norway's THE KOVENANT are currently working on the material for the follow up to this year's "S.E.T.I." (Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence), tentatively due in late 2004. "You can expect some real extravaganza," reads a post on the band's web site. "This time the band will break new grounds again and set the standards for the future metal scene. It will be recorded next year and hopefully released in 2004 as well."

The forthcoming CD, which is tentatively titled "The Dreaming Spires", will be THE KOVENANT's last for Germany's Nuclear Blast Records. On new songtitle has thus far been revealed: "Radiation King". Also planned for release is a DVD containing footage spanning the band's entire career.

As previously reported, THE KOVENANT recently added two new members to the group's lineup: RAM-ZET drummer Küth and APOPTYGMA BERZERK keyboardist Geir Bratland.

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The revised version of the latest Apocalyptica-Album offers a bonus DVD, containing all videos from the Album (incl. Seemann), EPKs and three different up-to-date live-performances. Additionally there are also a couple of songs on the revised-cd, such as rare vinyl-tracks, b-sides, vocal verisons of Faraway and the mega-single Seemann! The revised-version of "Reflections" will hit stores monday 17-11-03!

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