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26.01A Forest Of Stars - Streaming New Song
19.05Triptykon - Cancel Maryland Death Fest Appearance
27.03The Great Old Ones - Streaming Two New Songs
28.08Oranssi Pazuzu - Streaming New Song
07.08The Ruins Of Beverast - New Song, Album Artwork Revealed

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A Forest Of Stars - Streaming New Song

After revealing information regarding their new album, the UK black metal septet A Forest Of Stars are premiering a track from the new release.


Source: stereogum.com
Band profile: A Forest Of Stars
Posted: 26.01.2015 by Apothecary | Comments (21)

Triptykon - Cancel Maryland Death Fest Appearance

In light of the recent passing of the legendary surrealist artist H.R. Giger, with whom Tom Fischer always maintained a close and personal relationship with, Triptykon have cancelled their scheduled U.S. appearance at this summer's Maryland Death Fest, to pay respects at and assist with Giger's memorial service.


Source: facebook.com
Band profile: Triptykon
Event: Maryland Deathfest XII
Posted: 19.05.2014 by Apothecary | Comments (5)

The Great Old Ones - Streaming Two New Songs

Rejoice, lovers of Lovecraftian metal! French black metallers The Great Old Ones are now streaming not one, but two new tracks: "Antarctica," and "The Elder Things." Both are set to appear on their upcoming album Tekeli-li, out April 16th, and can be heard at this location. As was previously noted here, Tekeli-li will be a concept album of sorts, focusing on H.P. Lovecraft's At The Mountains Of Madness. What are your thoughts on these new cuts?


Source: thegreatoldones.bandcamp.com
Band profile: The Great Old Ones
Posted: 27.03.2014 by Apothecary | Comments (3)

Oranssi Pazuzu - Streaming New Song

Brace yourselves, ladies and gentlemen: things are about to get trippy. Finnish black metallers Oranssi Pazuzu have just released a new track from their upcoming album Valonielu, described as "what happens when psychedelia, black metal, and space rock collide." The track, titled "Olen Aukaissut Uuden Silmän" (that's "I Have Opened A New Eye"), can be streamed over here.


Source: 20buckspin.com
Band profile: Oranssi Pazuzu
Posted: 28.08.2013 by Apothecary | Comments (16)

The Ruins Of Beverast - New Song, Album Artwork Revealed

After the streaming of "Malefica" back in April, and some vague details from Ván Records, things are starting to come together more clearly regarding the release of the new The Ruins Of Beverast album. Alexander Von Meilenwald's blackened doom project is currently streaming yet another song from the upcoming Blood Vaults - The Blazing Gospel Of Heinrich Kramer, titled "Ordeal," which can be listened below in the YouTube video.


Source: youtube.com
Band profile: The Ruins Of Beverast
Posted: 07.08.2013 by Apothecary | Comments (6)