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19.01Krallice - New Album Details
20.03Iced Earth - New Single And Album Update

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Krallice - New Album Details

US metallers Krallice will release their forthcoming album, Diotima, on April 26 via Profound Lore Records.

Also "The Clearing", a brand new song from Diotima, is available for streaming at this location.

Diotima almost completed image of the album cover art] tracklist:

01. -
02. Inhume
03. The Clearing
04. Diotima
05. Litany Of Regrets
06. Telluric Rings
07. Dust And Light


Source: profoundlorerecords.com
Band profile: Krallice
Posted: 19.01.2011 by spirit_inblack | Comments (5)

Iced Earth - New Single And Album Update

Jon Schaffer of Iced Earth, has posted the following message concerning the band's new albums on the message boards of the bands official site:

"I just wanted to give you an update of what's happening in Iced Earth world."

"We just finished mixing and mastering the single which will be titled "Overture of the Wicked" and should be released in late May or early June. The 4 songs that will be featured on this are as follows:

1.) Ten Thousand Strong
2.) Prophecy
3.) Birth of the Wicked
4.) The Coming Curse

"Ten Thousand Strong will be the song that we will be filming a video for in the following months, most likely in June right around the Sweden Rock festival."


Source: icedearth.com
Band profile: Iced Earth
Posted: 20.03.2007 by spirit_inblack | Comments (8)