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Symphorce - Call It Quits

Official press release

"Thank you & lights out! 7 albums, 12 years and thousands of enthusiastic fans don't make that decision easy, but after long thoughts and lots of talks we decided together to call it a day and dissolve Symphorce. The heads are dead, the timetables of our main bands packed with dates, so we feel a lack of inspiration and no possibility to record more albums, play more shows with the passion and commitment needed therefore."


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Sinister - New Line-Up Announced, Album Title Revealed

Only a few days after Aad Kloosterwaard announced his band Sinister was once again going through some line-up changes, he already introduced the replacements earlier today. Soon the new Sinister line-up will start working on a new album that will be entitled The Carnage Ending.

Kloosterwaard released the following statement: "I think that a lot of people already know that I am the only one left from Sinister, but for the fans how like my band don't be afraid I have already a complete new line-up together. Behind the drum kit we have now Toep Duin (ex-Supreme Pain, Godmode), on guitar Bastiaan Brussaard (Supreme Pain) and on guitar/bass Dennis Hartog (Godmode).

Soon we will start with the first practise with the new Sinister line-up. We have also already 2 new tracks finished.. "Deranged By Desecration" & "Regarding The Imagery" by the hand of Bastiaan for our next record.. that will get the name The Carnage Ending"


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Cryptopsy - Update From The Band

Lead guitarist and songwriter Jon Levasseur has rejoined Canadian extreme metallers Cryptopsy. Youri Raymond (Secret Chiefs 3), who had been playing guitar, is now handling bass duties following Levassour's return and bassist Eric Langois' recent departure from the band. The band is also working on new material.


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All Shall Perish - European Tour Cancelled

US deathcore act All Shall Perish are forced to cancel their previously announced European tour due to "scheduling conflicts for the new album and the restructuring of band management". The group was scheduled to hit the road in Europe in June alongside Suicide Silence and After The Burial.

Comments the band: "We are beyond crushed about the Europe tour falling through... We were really looking forward to coming back out and playing the new material at the festivals. Unfortunately, some things are not meant to be. We are already working on new plans to return to Europe after the album drops, so stay tuned!"


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Spawn Of Possession - Sign With Relapse Records

Relapse Records is proud to announce the signing of Swedish technical death metallers Spawn Of Possession. The band is currently writing for its Relapse debut and long-awaited follow-up to Noctambulant to be released this fall.

Spawn Of Possession guitarist Jonas Bryssling commented on the signing and upcoming release: "We are very exited to have become part of the Relapse family and their amazing roster. The new album will contain nine tracks plus an instrumental intro which we'll be recording throughout the summer starting in June. Once again we'll be teaming up with producer Mankan Sedenberg at Pama Studios in Sweden.

Right now we're prepping the recording and straightening out the last details of the material. More good news is on the way so keep your eyes open for a brand new Spawn of Possession website which will be launched soon. As usual we like to keep what is coming under wraps, but rest assured this record will be quite a slab of imaginative brutality for you guys to sink your teeth into."


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Glorior Belli - Sign With Metal Blade Records

Glorior Belli have inked a worldwide deal with Metal Blade Records in anticipation of their upcoming album The Great Southern Darkness, due to be released in the fall of this year.

The band commented: "We are extremely pleased to have the opportunity to work with the folks of Metal Blade Records, who put out some of the best Metal in the past decades, and it's only fair given the efforts and determination of Glorior Belli into making genuine music that stands the test of time."


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The Sword - Drummer Quits, All Remaining Live Dates Cancelled

Official press release

On the heels of the cancellation of their European tour, Austin, TX's The Sword are also regretfully canceling the remainder of their scheduled US dates due to the departure of their drummer, Trivett Wingo. The split is amicable and both Trivett and the rest of the band wish each other the best of the luck with their respective plans. The Sword are already working diligently to reschedule their European and US dates.

Trivett Wingo explains: "It is with deep sadness that I am announcing my departure from The Sword. After nearly seven years and some of the most amazing adventures of a lifetime, I have arrived at a place where I am physically and emotionally unable to continue on as part of The Sword. If I could go any further, I would as I love the music and JD, Bryan and Kyle are people that I deeply respect, but I have reached a point where I just can't do this anymore. I would like to thank the wonderful people who made this experience what it has been: the fans, the people that I have worked and all of the bands and musicians that have inspired me over the years. I thank you and apologize for any disappointment that this may cause anyone, not least of which The Sword."

Here is an official statement from The Sword: "We wish Trivett nothing but the best, and it is with heavy hearts that we bid him farewell. He is a phenomenal musician and has been an integral part of this band's success. He helped to lay the foundation that we will continue to build upon, and we wouldn't be where we are without him. We wish he could continue the adventure with us, but we understand that the life of a touring musician is not for everyone. It's been a hell of a ride, and we're sad to see this part of the journey end. The show must go on, though, and will be back on the road as soon as humanly possible."


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To/Die/For - New Line-Up, New Material

To/Die/For mainman and vocalist Jape Perätalo has checked in with the following update:

"Time between Wounds Wide Open and 2010 is been too long time without doing "almost nothing" with To/Die/For.

We tried to create it with Tonmi Lillman and we used one year but things did not go forward as it should go. Tonmi is very great drummer and recorder and musician. But he is having so much other things to do also (Vanguard, Ajattara). To/Die/For is a thing I wanna do with all of heart and that's why I decided to be free, and do it without Tonmi again. It is sad but I have my life too and I cannot just wait and wait all the time. Of course there is other reasons too but nothing personal problems. I love him as a friend always. So... I saw two possibilities: Trying to it with Tonmi it would take too long and album would not come before 2020 or do it sooner with guys whos are living more near me, rehearsing would be easier etc. etc. many reasons.

Now on the 5th of October we finally start to record the sixth To/Die/For album with Santtu Lonka, Juppe Sutela and Josey Strandman. Now I am praying that also Antza Talala and Juska "Zoltan" Salminen would join us permanently too. Anyway, with this line up we will play next show which is like a new beginning (again) for us! To/Die/For is like a Fenix bird. Buddhism and hinduism are right when they say "we will born again and again as long as we have found nirvana. Now I guess that if we someday will release our last album it should be called Nirvana but that´s in the future... hopefully far away.

At the first studio sessions we will record songs: "Cry For Love" (an Iggy Pop cover), "Death Comes In March", "Into The Storm", "Bittersweet Bleeding Heart" and something else too.

Now we´re spending our evenings at our rehealsal place for composing, and recording demos and doing new stuff for our Chaotic To/Die/For and when I am at home I will write lyrics, drink coffee and beer and plan things. So I would say life is for To/Die/For again."


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Ignominious Incarceration - Change Name To The Soulless

Last week already, British death metallers Ignominious Incarceration have announced they will be changing names to The Soulless. Here's the official statement:

"The band started in the pits of hell that was Sam's basement. We were just playing heavy music and having fun. When we decided on the name Ignominious Incarceration, we never anticipated the level we would get to. Had we known, I'm sure we would have chosen a simpler name. The band started to get gigs and we started to take the band way more seriously as we discovered how much fun we could have. We did our first tour with Trigger The Bloodshed and this was when we were first approached by Earache Records. This was a real turning point for the band and we realised we could make something of it. We debated changing the name whilst recording Of Winter Born, but chose to stick with it. We don't regret doing this as it is what represented the band at the time.

Over the last couple of years since Of Winter Born, we have matured as people as well as a band. When we came to write the second album, we decided we wanted to do something different from the last one. Not a huge alteration in style, but more a progression of what we enjoy most and feel we can write the best. This then led to the discussion of our name. Obviously the name is very long and hard to pronounce. As a band, you're trying to promote yourselves and get your music to the people. We wanted a new name which was easy to remember and say, and to get ourselves out there. With the change in music, we thought it was a perfect opportunity to change our name as well. This almost 're-launching' of the band has given us new life and we are so motivated towards the new project.

As for the name-choosing itself, this was no easy task! As we were changing the name, we had to be 100% happy with it this time. We found it really hard to find a name bang-on-the-money. In the end, we wrote down thousands of names and set ourselves a deadline to pick the best one. We all liked The Soulless, which was in fact a working title for a new song. We feel the name has a dark, edgy feel to it, but is not instantly recognisable as metal and it's easy to say! We feel this represents us a lot better, as well as our new music.

We have a lot of plans for The Soulless; the new album is written and we will be going into the studio very soon. Everything we do in the next few months will be filmed so we can keep you updated. We did a pre-production demo track, which we are going to put online soon to show you a glimpse of the new material we have been talking about. When we finish in the studio, we will be recording our first official video. We are really excited to get back on the road again as the newly evolved band, The Soulless."


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Imagika - Working On New Material

US Power metallers Imagika have commenced writing of their 8th album for a spring 2011 release via an undetermined label. The follow up to their critically acclaimed Portrait Of A Hanged Man will see the debut appearance of new members Guitarist Rob Kowolski and Drummer Wayne DeVecchi. The CD will be engineered again by Guitarist Steve Rice and mixed by Andy LaRocque.

Guitarist Steve Rice comments: "The band is definitely ready to kick ass with the new material that has been developing since we've been back from our US tour this past Summer. 13 new songs are in the works and as usual it will be a departure from our past releases. The original idea was to approach this as a concept album, but we agreed that it's been beat to death by so many other bands that there is no point. I mean how can you top some of the great Metal concept albums like Operation Mind Crime or Abigail? It's very hard to accomplish and not really our thing at the end of the day. But after hearing our singer's seemingly endless collection of fruity, flowery Euro Power Metal while on the tour bus and sparing his iPod a horrible asphalt death I definitely knew what I didn't want to do! HA! A CD full of progressive, complex and melodic Thrash Metal is more appealing to me and the band at this point and decidedly the definitive goal for this next release. By bringing new blood into the band there's an aggressive attitude for making a bold statement with a lot to prove! Also being able to approach the recordings as a 2 guitar band is inspiring since we haven't done that since our My Bloodied Wings 2006 release. It'll be cool to kick it up a notch and bring more shred and harmony to the table this time. All in all I'm expecting nothing but the best from the band."


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Metalium - To Call It Quits In 2011

German power metallers Metalium are planning to split and stop all activities in 2011.

The band issued the following statement: "All musicians are meanwhile involved in many other activities (private as well as music-wise) and after nearly 13 years with 9 cd's and 2 dvds, the chapters will come to an end in 2011. The band members share a deep friendship underneath and want to say thanks to our longtime label Massacre Records, and all fans and supporters around the world who kept the flame burning since the band's beginning in 1998.

The 5-piece group will play some farewell shows which will be multitrack-recorded for a final Live-CD which comes together with 4-5 new studio songs we will record end 2010. This final output with the live cd and new studio songs will be completed with some rare photos and further footage and released over Massacre records in 2011.
The first part of the farewell tour will take place in Spain at following dates, Henning, Matthias, Tolo, Michael and Lars are looking forward to have a killer Metal-party with you one last time!"

First farewell dates include:

Oct. 21 - Spain, St. Maria, Mallorca - Factoria
Oct. 22 - Spain, Murcia - Sala Gamma
Oct. 23 - Spain, Burgos - Miranda, Burgos - La Fabrica
Oct. 24 - Spain, Donosti - Studio 21


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Primal Fear + Sinner - Guitarist Has Quit Both Bands

Guitarist Henny Wolter left both Primal Fear and Sinner yesterday. Wolter issued the following update on his MySpace:

"I have quit Primal Fear and Sinner because it just didn´t feel like a band anymore. I am looking forward to work with my buddies Klaus Sperling (drums in Sinnger, ex-Primal Fear, ex-Mystic Prophecy) and singer Oimel Larcher in my new band Nitrogods. It's a mean little threepiece and we are working on the debut album wich should be released in early 2011."

An official statement from the Primal Fear camp reads as follows:

"Online mags reporting the "news" after a blog posting from Henny today, that he's not a member of Primal Fear anymore. All we have to add - yes it's true and the split happened seven weeks ago. There was no reason for us to make a sensational headline or badmouth eachother. We feel sorry about this, but we have no more comments on the situation.

At the moment we're rehearsing for the forthcoming European Tour that kicks off on Saturday in Warsaw, Poland and takes us through 9 European countries. Be sure, we are well prepared and definitely ready to hit the road with five very common faces on stage, looking forward to meet you all. The band is thrilled to play a different new set-list incl. some nice surprises and we will start working on a new studio album right after the tour... and as a friend on Facebook commented - yes it is the two headed guitar monster.

We wish Henny, his wife and kids all the best for the future and good luck on his forthcoming musical projects."


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StoneLake - Working On New Material

7Hard press release

Sweden's Heavy Metal band StoneLake is now in the studio to working on a new album!

It will be a follow up to Shades Of Eternity, but with more massive sound, very heavy guitar's and walls of big drums. There will be a couple of well known guestplayers on leadguitar and a duet song with a well known metalsinger! The new album will sound like StoneLake powerful high energy heavy metal with melodic melodies as alway with high pitch vocals.

The recordings will take place at UMP Studios in Sweden and the producing, mixing and mastering will be handled of Jan Akesson.


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Cloven Hoof - Parting Ways With Three Members

UK heavy metallers Cloven Hoof have issued the following update:

"Guitarists Ben Read and Mick Powell and drummer Jon Brown are no longer members of Cloven Hoof. Ben Read and Mick Powell have walked out on the band with only 5 weeks to go before two prestigious gigs in Finland and Germany. They are letting down the fans, the promoters and the good name of Cloven Hoof. It had been noticed for some time that their stage presence was nil and their musicianship was deteriorating by the day.

In order not to let the fans down they were still kept on board until the two dates had been honoured. As their sacking was inevitable, Mr Powell and Mr Read decided to do the maximum amount of damage possible and leave the band high and dry. As a direct consequence of Ben and Mick's action Cloven Hoof have taken the decision to dispense with the services of Jon Brown.

Bassist Lee Payne and stand-in vocalist Russ North are currently in negotiation with the promoters to see if they can still make an appearance at the two festivals out of loyalty to the fans. Cloven Hoof have vowed to return stronger than ever with dedicated band members fit to be in the band."


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Omnium Gatherum - Sign To Lifeforce Records

Finnish melodic death metallers Omnium Gatherum have signed a deal with Lifeforce Records. The band will enter the studio this month to record their fifth album and an early 2011 release is expected. The band issued the following statement:

"We're very pleased to announce that Omnium Gatherum is now a part of the Lifeforce Records family. After a lot of consideration and negotiating with many parties, we came to a conclusion that Lifeforce is the way to go! They've been showing the right kind of interest in us for some time now and it seems that they have the same honest attitude towards music and mayhem as we do.

The material for the 5th Omnium Gatherum masterpiece is now almost finished and we're ready and 100% confident to hit the studio in the end of August. This time we've really put a lot of time and effort on the pre-production of the stuff. It's going to be an epic and massive attack of ever flowing stream of Finnish "melodic death metal", straight from the souls of black.

The album will be out early spring 2011 and before that the Omnium Gatherum crew will escape from the studio and tour Finland with Dark Tranquillity."


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