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Metal Storm - Wants You! To Be Part Of Our Think Tank

Metal Storm Wants You!

In our everlasting quest for new features and developments for your favourite website, we've decided to venture into the world of smartphones. Their presence in today's society is undeniable - and still rapidly growing. We want to bring you your daily dosage of Metal as convenient as you wish, wherever you wish, whenever you wish. That's why we have to build our own Metal Storm App!

And although we know pretty much everything about Metal (just kidding guys... ), we're not so experienced in the world of applications and smartphones... which is why we need you!

If you:

- own a smartphone (doesn't matter which one / on which OS it runs - but please do specify which one/what system)
- want to contribute to this project with your experience and knowledge on this subject
- know your way around this site (doesnt have to be as a registered member, as long as you're aware of most of the features)
(- if you have experience with app development or know someone that does, please tell us!)

please send a mail to Lucas or Together we'll discuss what you, the user, want from it (in other words, what this app needs to do/show/have) and what the possibilities, difficulties, restrictions and pitfalls are.

Further instructions will follow through PM/mail.

And what's in it for you... ? Well, you'll get the opportunity to work with some of the finest minds of Metal Storm (once again, just kidding, we're not that arrogant... ), you'll be able to make a contribution to your fav. Metal site (right?) and who knows, if you really prove your value, we may have more in store for you...

- The Metal Storm Staff


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Metal Storm - The Demo Spotlight

Hey all!

Just a quick message to inform you we've got a new type of article floating around, currently going by the name "Clandestine Cuts #1". You can find it here.

As you can read in the introductory statement of the article, we felt that the demos of unknown metal bands (a.k.a. the future of metal) definitely deserve attention - but maybe not as much as the big shots of the metal scene (yet). So we gave them their own place, the Demo Spotlight, where we describe the music, share MySpace links and show the cover art.

We hope you like the article (check it here!), because we plan on writing many more! As this is the first of a series, we still might decide to fine-tune it a bit in upcoming editions and suggestions are always welcome! Post a comment or send a PM to a Staff member to share your thoughts.

Enjoy the read on your hungover, lazy sunday afternoon!

- The Metal Storm Staff


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The Dead - Ritual Executions Album To Be Re-Released

The brand new India-based record label Diabolical Conquest has announced it's first release ever. They posted the following announcement:

"The second full length album of The Dead is a brilliant mix of twisted, brain-warping death metal and miasmic sludgy doom like no other. Perfectly arranged to maintain a sublime, engrossing balance, the combination of sharp, visceral hooks and massive doom trudges with remarkably groovy parts render Ritual Executions one of the most unique and fascinating albums to be released in this era. The remixing and remastering done by Aphotic Mote (Portal) specially for this DC Records version makes the originally dense and suffocating Ritual Executions much more breathable but retains the rawness and underground vibe that bring The Dead to life. The modified artwork sketched by vocalist Mike Yee suitably captures the essense and horrific otherwordly feel of The Dead's music - only a band member could achieve that.

Ritual Executions Pre-Order Limited Offer
7 EUR / $8 USD / $9 AUD - postage paid WORLDWIDE!
Paypal ID:

(Don't forget to mention your address in the note when making the payment.)

Buy now because prices are sure to increase after the album is released. The official release date of Ritual Executions is June 28, 2010.

The Dead MySpace, DC Records."


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Dio - Dio Has Passed Away

What started as a rumour on twitter and various websites has now actually happened. Earlier in the day/night it was denied by Wendy Dio, stating that Ronnie James Dio was "still hanging in there", but a few moments ago the official Ronnie James Dio website posted the following statement:

"Today my heart is broken, Ronnie passed away at 7:45 a.m. 16th May. Many, many friends and family were able to say their private goodbyes before he peacefully passed away."

The news is spreading as wildfire, the official Dio website might be down due to too much traffic.

Our condolences go out to the family, friends and fans of Ronnie James Dio. Rest in peace.

- The Metal Storm Staff


Band profile: Dio
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Metal Storm - Pensées Nocturnes Contest Closed

The Metal Storm / Pensées Nocturnes contest is now officially over, as you may have noticed already. The correct answer to the question: "What is Vaerohn's favourite type of food? (this may, or may not, be a trick question)" was... ...*drumroll*... nothing! He does not have a favourite type of food! You could have found the answer in one of his old interviews.

The winners of this contest are:


Congratulations you three! The contact information of the three winners has been passed on to the Pensées Nocturnes' record label Les Acteurs De Lombre. You'll be contacted by them for your adress and then your prizes will be shipped. We hope you are happy with your prize (do tell us what you think of the album) but remember, Metal Storm is not responsible for items lost/damaged/stolen in the mail.

And better luck next time to everyone else.

- The Metal Storm Staff


Posted: 18.04.2010 by Lucas | Comments (20)

The Nulll Collective - Sign With Aesthetic Death Records

E.M. Hearst from The NULLL Collective threw the following bit of news out through e-mail:

"International Funeral Doom Cult The NULLL Collective have signed with legendary U.K. underground label Aesthetic Death Records. The label will release the Collective's debut full-length CD De Monstris this summer.

The NULLL Collective is made up of three veteran Funeral Doom artists: E.M. Hearst (Torture Wheel, Wraith Of The Ropes, Synaptic Fracture), Stijn Van Cauter (Until Death Overtakes Me, Wijlen Wij, The Ethereal, Beyond Black Void), and S.P. White (Uncertainty Principle). The sound of the debut album is morbid, crushing, raw, monstrous, hateful Funeral Doom of a highly twisted and experimental nature.

Exact release date TBA"


Posted: 14.04.2010 by Lucas | Comments (2)

Rosetta - Announce New Album And Split

Rosetta has posted the following news on their website:

"Our new full length album, A Determinism Of Morality, is almost finished mastering and should be out sometime around May of this year. It has seven tracks. Andrew Schneider (Unsane, Pelican, Cave In, etc.) engineered it for us, and Mike Wohlberg did the artwork, with photographs contributed by Christina Brown.

Translation Loss is doing the CD as usual, we hear MusicFearSatan is doing the LP."

The tracklist is as follows:

1. Ayil
2. Je N'en Connais Pas La Fin
3. Blue Day For Croatoa
4. Release
5. Revolve
6. Renew
7. A Determinism Of Morality

Metal Storm was a bit late on this, we were probably too busy being metal and all, but teaster kindly pointed it out to us.

On the same website, Rosetta also announced the release of a split album with Year Of No Light and East Of The Wall. Refer to their website for more info.


Band profile: Rosetta
Posted: 05.03.2010 by Lucas | Comments (4)

Pensées Nocturnes - Two New Songs Online

Pensées Nocturnes' MySpace features two new songs from their upcoming Grotesque album, due on the 27th of March. The two songs are called "Thokk" and "Paria". More details on Grotesque will follow.

Grotesque cover art] tracklist:

01. Vulgum Pecus
02. Paria
03. Rahu
04. Eros
05. Monosis
06. Hel
07. Thokk
08. Suivant (Next)


Posted: 03.03.2010 by Lucas | Comments (2)

Wyrd - Sign To Moribund, Announce New Album

Moribund Records issued the following bit of news today:

"Today, Moribund Records officially announces the signing of Finland's Wyrd, one of the underground's preeminent pagan metal bands. Formed and fronted by erstwhile Azaghal guitarist Narqath, for the past decade Wyrd have released eight full-length albums, each one more celebrated than the next, on a number of cult underground labels, including Avantgarde, Solistitium, Millenium Metal Music, Omvina, and Naga Productions.

Now, Narqath brings his muse and Wyrd to Moribund Records, and is currently working on the band's ninth full-length album, to be titled Death Of The Sun - a release for the latter half of the year is tentatively planned. Narqath also intimates that plans are afoot for a professional promo video, and that mixing/mastering chores for Death Of The Sun will likely be a high-profile metal producer. More info coming soon.


Band profile: Wyrd
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Nocturnal Fear - Announce New Album Title

Nathan Birk of Moribund Productions sent out the following message concerning US Thrashers Nocturnal Fear:

"Riding high on the critical acclaim afforded last year's Moribund album Metal Of Honor, hailed by many critics as THE thrash metal assault of 2009, Nocturnal Fear guitarist/founder Chris Slavehunter PhD reports that he's nearly settled on a new bassist and, above all, that writing has commenced for the follow-up album, currently titled Excessive Cruelty. Tentative song titles at the moment include:

I Am War
Human Shield
Murder For Hire
You're The Disease (I'm The Cure)
Rolling Thunder
Excessive Cruelty
Absolute Annihilation
World War 3

Nocturnal Fear's Excessive Cruelty is slated for release through Moribund during the second half of 2010. Slavehunter concludes the update with the following prophetic words: "We plan on raining on people's parade with this next disc and continue to call out the fucking posers and smashing faces with our ruthless bullet-belt assault." For more info, consult Moribund's official website and Nocturnal Fear's MySpace.


Band profile: Nocturnal Fear
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Shining - Reveal New Album Details

Shining posted the following blog on Facebook:

"Swedish Extreme Metallers Shining have completed work on their seventh album and have today revealed details and cover art. Scheduled for release on Indie Recordings in March/April 2010, the 6-track album will have the title "Shining VII - Född Förlorare" (Born Loser). Track listing as follows:

1. Förtvivlan, Min Arvedel
2. Tiden Läker Inga Sår
3. Människa O'Avskyvärda Människa
4. Tillsammans Är Vi Allt
5. I Nattens Timma
6. FFF

According to founder and frontman Niklas Kvarforth (also of Skitliv), with "Född Förlorare" Shining will "take a deep dive into the darkest of all musical genres you could imagine". Making guest appearances on the album are Erik Danielsson (Watain), Peter Bjärgo (Arcana) and Nordman. (Cover art can be found here.)

Shining is due to tour Europe with Satyricon in December and confirmed that they will be appearing at the Metalfest Open Air Festivals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in May 2010. The band is currently waiting for the work permit and visa approvals that will enable them to join the US tour with Behemoth in January and will announce dates as soon as approvals have been confirmed."


Band profile: Shining
Posted: 26.11.2009 by Lucas | Comments (22)

Slagmaur - New Song Streaming

Slagmaur's spokeswoman has sent out the following message:

""Klokker Tramp", a track taken from "Von Rov Shelter", the new album from Black Metallers Slagmaur, is now streaming on the band’s MySpace page at "Von Rov Shelter", which means "Lair of the Beast" in Norwegian, was released this month on Osmose Productions.

The album was composed using much the same techniques as those used by 18th Century composers, but with standard rock instruments mingling with the more classical instrument such as cellos and double basses, which Slagmaur's mastermind, General Gribbsphiiser, learned to play especially for the album. "Von Rov Shelter", was produced by Gribbsphiiser and Snorre W. Ruch of Thorns, and includes lyrics by Thomas B Whitaker, an inmate on Death Row at the Polunsky Unit, in Livingstone, Texas, and guest vocals from Krush and the late Steingrim (Kaosritual, Celestial Bloodshed, Selvhat), who was recently killed in a shooting accident.

Aside from Gribbsphiiser, Slagmaur's line up includes Åtselgribb on vocals and bass and Wardr on drums, and is probably one of the most reclusive bands in Norway's Black Metal scene. The band is known for producing a complex, sinister, multi-layered sound filled with menace, that reveals different aspects at each hearing, and whose atmosphere can change depending on the mood of the listener.

The artwork for the album is by photographer and graphic artist Tine Marie Lund Kristensen and artist Robert Hoyem, and is based on a concept by General Gribbsphiiser. The front cover is a representation of Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting "The Last Supper", and the set itself took three weeks to build and light in order to capture the feel of the original as faithfully as possible. The figures of Christ and the Apostles are represented by band members, friends and even fictional characters, in the guise of various satanic, biblical or historical figures. Thorns' Snorre W Ruch takes on the role of Cain, Åtselgribb is Judas Iscariot, Freddy Krueger is Nero, Bzilla is Legion, Krush is Belial, General Gribbsphiiser and Lilith are themselves."

Metal Storm's review here.


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Blowback - Request Financial Support For Hospitalized Guitarist

Record company HG Fact sent out the following e-mail concerning the Japanese Hardcore Punk band Blowback today:

"Hello everyone. I'm sending this message to all my forign friends. Coz I wanna ask you some help. World wide firendship support really needed. Seiichi, our brother, guitar player from BLOWBACK/Niigata, Japan. On 30th/August, right after paintbox/world burns to death/blowback tour finnished, he felt in heavy sickness. and still in unconscious critical condition.

He's been had major liver problem for long time, his liver has malignant virus in it, on this last tour, he was over tired, exhausted & stressed out. And finally his body/health situation turned to very weak condition. Then... suddenly, virus in the liver start working hard inside of his body, liver & some other internal organs stop working & lots of poison in blood running through all over his body, he was almost dead that time.

An amubulance car took him to hospital & he went to intensive care unit straight. Doctor said Seiichi already escaped most danger. But still, totally no talk, no action, he's still in 100% unconcious conditions on the bed.

This medical treatment he gets are already costs him & his family huge amount of money. And doctor said that, even if he gets any better, but he must cure his liver super carefully, this means he must stay in hospital until new year.... or same liver problem will attack him very soon....

And no one can be sure about that when Seiichi can be back on his job. Even if he could get out of hospital....

We his friends really wish that he'll recover good soon... anyway, most serious problem right now is that he & his family facing serious financial difficulties. Already this
situation costs huge & same high costs continues untill he get out of hospital, and can't know when he can start working...

I decided that ask all my friends for donation money for help seiichi & his family, I think this is the best I can do now. And he needs your help!

Can you please send me money for Seiichi help through paypal?? My paypal account is same this e-mail. if you like to send money, please never forget to mention that "MONEY FOR HELP SEIICHI" on paypal payment message. Please.

Ofcourse amount of money never matters. Whatever you would like to. That will very much appreciated, anything from you will help him out & courages him, his family, and all his brothers in Japanese punk scene!

Hope you understand this, sorry for my broken English! Thank you for your kindness friendship. Please help our best brother out!


Posted: 11.09.2009 by Lucas | Comments (9)

Bloody Panda - Complete New Album

Taken from the Profound Lore Records website:

"NY avant-doom metal enigma Bloody Panda have completed work on their suffocating sophomore opus, "Summon".

The follow up to the acclaimed "Pheromone" release, "Summon" sees the nightmare Bloody Panda initially conceived (with their split LP with experimentalists Kayo Dot) taken further into the depths. Recorded in various locations and in different times and spaces, and by crafting a more nightmarish and cryptic opus than all previous works, "Summon" is an artful time-stretching opus that lurks within the deep dark chambers of doom metal horror.

Tracklisting for "Summon" goes as follows:

1. Gold
2. Pusher
3. Saccades I
4. Saccades II
5. Miserere
6. Grey
7. Hashira

"Summon" will be presented as a two-disc, CD/DVD release, the DVD being an abstract visual interpretation of the 20-plus minute track "Miserere". Filmed in various parts of Brooklyn, along with footage captured at Jaliluhur Dam, Indonesia, this visual interpretation is a very dark and mysterious offering featuring renowned butoh dancer Yuko Kaseki.

Bloody Panda are also planning on touring and playing shows to coincide with the release. More news on touring and shows surrounding Bloody Panda to follow.

An MP3 excerpt of the track "Miserere" can be heard via the Profound Lore MP3 section. "Summon" shall officially be unleashed on August 11th.


Band profile: Bloody Panda
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The Angelic Process - Announce Reprints And New Music

In two recent blogs (blog one, blog two), M. Dragynfly of The Angelic Process announced that she still has a few copies of "Weighing Souls With Sand" available for sale. In the same blog she announced that Decaying Sun Records might be resurrected again, to spread the musical legacy K. Angylus left. As if that isn't enough, she also told us that re-releases of their work are coming.

Read the full two blogs for the details.


Band profile: The Angelic Process
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