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Wacken Open Air 2013 - Sold Out

Thinking of going to Wacken Open Air in 2013 but haven't got your ticket yet? Well think again because Wacken Open Air has already sold out, a whole 11 months in advance! The following message was posted by Wacken on their official website earlier today:

"For the eighth time in a row Wacken Open Air is SOLD OUT. As fast as never before! All 75.000 tickets are sold.



Event: Wacken Open Air 2013
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Spellbind Records - Shutting Down

UAE based independent record label Spellbind Records is shutting down and have released the following statement via their Facebook Page:


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Perversion - Feud With Steve Tucker

U.A.E based death metal band Perversion have entered a war of words with vocalist Steve Tucker (Nader Sadek & ex-Morbid Angel) after they had paid him to master their debut album Pillars Of The Enlightened and not received any results or refund after almost a year of waiting.


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Jon Oliva's Pain - Guitarist Matt LaPorte Passes Away

Official press release

It is with great heartache and sorrow that we relay the passing of our dear friend, band-mate, guitarist and brother Matthew LaPorte. Matt passed away in his home shortly after 6 pm on Wednesday. No information regarding his cause of death is currently available.

Matt was a brilliant guitar player on all levels. He understood that instrument better than almost anyone. His knowledge of music in general was just amazing. His contributions to JOP and every band he ever played with was also without measure. He was truly a one-guitar army when he needed to be and his solo performances on all the Jon Oliva's Pain cd's will forever send chills down our spines. A near 20- year history and friendship with one of the true greats has now ended and we are deeply saddened.

Matt was a fan of all kinds of music and instruments, having even embarked on a mission to conquer the hammered dulcimer... one of the hardest instruments to play. He was always trying to expand his musical horizons and influences. He marveled at the musical greats, both old and new. He was never one to rate his talents above others and often commented about the great new music and artists he had just discovered.

Criss Oliva was without a doubt his most profound influence, and anyone who saw him play Savatage songs knew that Criss was channeling his talents via Matt. Matt's attention to detail and always striving to play everything perfect is without comparison. We would sit for hours during rehearsals with him muddling over whether a guitar chord was played exactly as recorded. Sometimes frustrating, but always appreciated in the end. He was the professionals' professional when it came to his guitar skills, and the loss of such a talent will be forever felt.

Matt was a gentle soul, and would avoid conflict at all costs. He got along with everyone and greeted all with a smile on his face. There was a shyness and almost embarrassment felt by him from the adoration of his fans around the world... and he had many.

He was humbled by the love and respect music fans gave to him, but in a quiet way, that made him work just a little bit harder. He had a hilarious, twisted and often sarcastic sense of humor that was unique to him. A very funny man indeed.

We miss you terribly Matt, and we will celebrate your music and life each and every day. That great band in the sky just got a whole lot better, and you are in the most peaceful place you could have ever hoped for. Until we meet again...


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Karl Sanders - To Guest On New Nervecell Album

As previously reported, Psychogenocide, the new album of Dubai based death-thrashers Nervecell, will be released on March 31st in the Middle East through Spellbind Records, on April 29th in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and on May 2nd in the rest of Europe through Lifeforce Records. The album will feature the guest vocals of Nile guitarist/vocalist Karl Sanders.

Comments the band: "We are extremely proud to announce that Karl Sanders will be a part of our new album Psychogenocide as guest vocals on the song entitled "Shunq (To The Despaired... King Of Darkness)".

This particular song is special to the band as it will mark the first extreme metal track ever to include both Arabic lyrics mixed in with English lyrics, and who better else to have come on board and collaborate on this theme with us than the legendary Karl Sanders!

The word "Shunq" in Arabic has two meanings: to choke or to be hung by the neck. The song consists mainly of ideas and knowledge gathered from sources that speak about Lucifer and the demons that serve him. The song "Shunq (To The Despaired... King Of Darkness)" speaks about the battle of us humans and these demons in reality, in the end Satan himself brought forth to justice.

Psychogenocide cover art] tracklist:

01. Anemic Assurgency
02. Upon An Epidemic Scheme
03. All Eyes On Them
04. Amok Doctrine
05. Psychogenocide
06. Imprint
07. شنق - Shunq (To The Despaired…King Of Darkness)
08. The Taste Of Betrayal
09. Driven By Nescience
10. Nation's Plague


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Nervecell - New Album Title And Cover Art Revealed

Lifeforce Records press release

Dubai based death-thrashers Nervecell have set Psychogenocide as the title of their long-awaited new album, due for release late March 2011 in Europe through Lifeforce Records and Spellbind Records for the Middle East. The artwork has been a concept, which the band have been working on for quite a while they are extremely proud of how it has turned out, perfectly matching the aggression and musical direction of the new album. The artwork was designed by Killustrations (Aborted, Severe Torture, Zyklon) and can be viewed below.

Psychogenocide is scheduled to be mixed and mastered at Hertz Studios (Behemoth, Decapitated, Vader) in Warsaw, Poland by the Wieslawscy Bros. This will mark the follow-up to Nervecell's first full-length Preaching Venom which was released on October 26th 2009 via Lifeforce Records. The new songs are sounding aggressive, fast and dark! The fans can expect a heavy dosage of old-school death metal, modern thrash metal, intertwined with a touch of Eastern melodies and brutality.

Stay tuned for the album track list and more details to be announced very soon.


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Forgotten Tomb - Will Re-Release Demo

The following message was posted on the Italian Doom Metal band's website:

"The time has finally come: "Obscura Arcana Mortis: The Demo Years" is out!! This CD includes the remastered reissue of the now-classic debut Demo-MCD of the band "Obscura Arcana Mortis" (originally recorded in 1999 and released during 2000 in a strictly-limited edition of 215 copies) plus 2 lenghty and exclusive Live bonus-tracks (recorded in 2004 at Waking The Dead Fest, The Netherlands).
The CD is completed with fully renewed graphix and liner notes by Herr Morbid, including never-seen-before pictures taken between 1998 and 2000. A must to have for all the true FT fanatics worldwide!! The CD is limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies and it has been released by italian label Eerie Art Records ( A cold, dark and monumental piece of pure old-fashioned Black Metal that every fan of this music should have in his collection. Fast, uncompromising and with a killer-sound too, no lo-fi bullshit here! You can order it from Eerie Art Records or directly from the band or by visiting the Merchandise page of our website."

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Wraith Of The Ropes - Release Debut Album

Doom band Wraith Of The Ropes have released their long-awaited debut album 'Ada' on new Israeli Doom label Totalrust Music. The album contains 6 songs with a running time of approximately 55 minutes. Ordering details can be found on their website:

Also, Wraith of the Ropes are currently recording a new EP called "The Red Door" to be given away for FREE to anyone who orders the debut album "Ada" directly from the band. The EP includes three tracks and has a playing time of around 20 minutes. It features one brand new exclusive track called "Ada" and two cover songs including "The Figurehead" by The Cure and a cover/medley of Black Sabbath songs: "Cornucopia/Black Sabbath/Under the Sun".

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Candlemass - To Release New DVD

It's ready at last, the second Candlemass DVD!!

Filmed at Stockholm Klubben nov 2003, it contains the entire Candlemass show from the legendary evening with Force of Evil and Trouble, sharing the same stage with the kings of doom. The sound and editing is awesome and Candlemass bombs out classics as "Well of souls" and "Gallows end", in front of an enthusiastic crowd, together with more rare gems as "A cry from the crypt" and "Black Stone Weilder". Setlist: "Demons Gate", "Dark Reflections", "Well of Souls", "Into the Unfathomed Tower", "Ancient Dreams", "The Bells of Acheron", "Witches", "Mirror Mirror", "A Cry From the Crypt", "Mourners Lament", "Black Stone Weilder", "Solitude", "Gallows End".

Bonus material: A one hour interview with the band, and nearly an hour worth of rare live cuts 1987 - 1993.

The "Curse of Candlemass " DVD will be out on Escapi Music Entertainment sept 26.

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Passage - Debut Album Released

Canadian epic doom band Passage have released their long awaited debut album through Portuguese label Exorcize Music.

As no official distributors can be announced at the moment (they will be announced shortly), people can order the album directly by contacting Exorcize Music at Orders for Quebec only will be handled by Passage for the moment, so please send an e-mail at A"buy online" section will soon be available on this website.

In other news, a "live" Passage line-up is building at the moment. The band plans to do some touring in the near future to promote the debut album. More news on this soon.

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