Devildriver - Bassist Quits The Band

Devildriver bassist Jonathan Miller has departed from the band.

Miller released the following statement: "I just wanted to thank all of the DevilDriver fans around the world for their die-hard love and support for the past 9 years. Yesterday, I decided to leave DevilDriver. It was the most difficult decision of my life but it is something that I needed to do for myself. I had the best times of my life hanging out with all of you guys but it is time for me to move on."

According to Blabbermouth Miller announced at the end of last year that "the drugs and alcohol" "finally caught up" with him after spending the bulk of the last decade on the road with Devildriver. He added that "the damage [was] catching up with [him] mentally and physically" and that he was going to enter "an intense rehabilitation program" in January "in order for [him] to reclaim [his] health and the person who [he] once was." He also stressed that he needed "to make a change so that [he could] save [his] own life and keep the friends that [he] still [had] left."

Filling in for Miller on the road with Devildriver for the past few months has been the band's tour manager, Aaron Patrick aka Bubble, formerly from Bury Your Dead.

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Posted: 30.03.2011 by Bigpaul


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30.03.2011 - 19:45
Unasuming Madnes
Well at least he didn't die. Is it just me or have a lot of bassist been dieing as of late?
30.03.2011 - 20:22
I like when people are responsible, somewhat
30.03.2011 - 23:48
Doc G.
Full Grown Hoser
Yeah, thats actually a shockingly rational decision for a drug addict.
"I got a lot of really good ideas, problem is, most of them suck."
- George Carlin
31.03.2011 - 07:04
Black Conundrum
This decision was made respectably. Those drugs and alcohol do seem to have had been noteworthy on him, and leaving the band would seem worthwhile if this is the case.
31.03.2011 - 18:15
Rocker of Worlds
Seems like a pretty acceptable reason to call it quits. Good luck to him.
31.03.2011 - 23:15
Written by Doc G. on 30.03.2011 at 23:48

Yeah, thats actually a shockingly rational decision for a drug addict.

Hate to see him leave but good decision. Best to get into rehab now while hes still mentally wants and is able to, it really is suprisingly shocking for a drug addict , most seem to delay getting out of the sex drugs n rock n roll cliche till its too late.
01.04.2011 - 15:38
They've Peeked So I Wouldn't Sweat It,You Gave It Everything You Had. Besides That Your A Mess, And Need Badly To Get Healthy Again. GOOD MOVE BROTHER/ STAY STONG
02.04.2011 - 07:01
Account deleted
To the above poster, Making Every Word Capital Is Very Irritating.

Never was a Devil Driver fan, but it's a good thing that he realizes his problem and is doing something to solve it, rather then hiding his problem from himself via more heroin, or whatever the hell he was doing.

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