Agathodaimon - Remastered Discography Out Soon

Metal Mind press release:

"Agathodaimon is without question one of the most interesting and original bands on the modern scene. Their music easily joins extreme heaviness with a dark, yet romantic and erotic atmosphere, strengthened with a huge dose of disturbing melancholy. The exclusive re-releases of all of the band's albums - "Blacken The Angel", "Higher Art of Rebellion", "Chapter III" and "Serpent's Embrace" - bring an unique collection of some of the most inspiring works, combining the best elements of dark wave, gothic and black metal…

"Blacken The Angel" released in late 1998, immediately received excellent reviews in worldwide press. The album was a truly stunning mixture of power, beauty and dark majesty. Combining symphonic black metal with gothic elements, Agathodaimon delivered a handful of amazing tracks, starting with the atmospheric 8-minute opener "Tristetea Vehementa" (meaning "The Loud Sadness"). Another highlight of the album was the 15-minute epic juggernaut "Near Dark" - a complex and rich compositions, revealing Agathodaimon's progressive edge. Other songs worth mentioning are definitely "Ill of an Imaginary Guilt" and "Die Nacht des Unwesens", bearing some resemblance to such bands as Darkthrone or even Black Sabbath. The lyrics were written in English, Romanian and German; some of them were inspired by Romanian poets Mihai Eminescu and Ion Minulescu. Overall, "Blacken The Angel" became a huge success for the band and to this day remains one of their finest offerings.

"Higher Art of Rebellion" from 1999 left the typical black metal attitude behind, adding some new and fascinating elements into the formula - a more gothic atmosphere and a lot of doom metal guitar parts made the group sound a bit like Moonspell from their early days. "Higher Art of Rebellion" brought another portion of excellent songs, such as the opening battle hymn "Ne Cheama Pamintul" ("Earth Is Summoning Us"), which was sung in Romanian, just like on the debut release. Other highlights included the surprisingly delicate "Body of Clay", Paradise Lost-influenced "A Death In Its Plenitude" and a new, remixed version of the track "Ribbons/Requiem" from the debut album. "Higher Art of Rebellion" contained even more progressive elements than before, but still managed to remain true to the genre's origins.

"Chapter III" hit the stores on November 5th, 2001, proving to be another worthy offering in the band's discography. The critics noticed more complex songwriting, often comparing the new release to the likes of Catamenia, Old Man's Child and Avatar. Tracks such as the thrilling metal ballad "Sacred Divinity" (containing elements similar to Amorphis, Children of Bodom and… Marillion!), the gothic "Departure" and the obscure "Spirit Soldier" confirmed the group's top form. Overall, "Chapter III" was much closer to "Blacken The Angel" rather than "Higher Art of Rebellion", which turned out to be very pleasing advantage for the fans.

"Serpent's Embrace" was released in June 2004 and was instantly dubbed Agathodaimon's most mature release. The songwriting definitely evolved, as the group added even more dark and atmospheric elements into their structure. Beginning with the amazing "Cellos for the Insatiable", the album explodes with classic metal heaviness combined with thrash, doom and gothic rock. The number of original ideas on "Serpent's Embrace" is definitely above average - just listen to the fast and deadly "Light Reborn", the Amon Amarth-style "Dakness Inside" or the beautiful ballad "Solitude". The album proved to be one of Agathodaimon's best works yet, compromising between heavy, aggressive sound and a dark, claustrophobic atmosphere.

Metal Mind Productions will release all four albums in a new digipak edition limited to 2000 copies each. Digitally remastered using 24-Bit process on a golden disc. The release date is set up for 25th August 2008 in Europe and 28th October 2008 in USA (via MVD). All possible details and tracklistings can be found here.

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Posted: 13.08.2008 by Marc W.

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