Disillusion - Guitar Player Quits The Band

Disillusion, under the pen of mainman Andy Schmidt, issued the following statement:

"Rajk Barthel and Disillusion go separate ways in music.

After 10 years on a common path with Disillusion, our musical ways are separating today [the 8th of December]. Both allowed this decision a lot of time, trying restarts for almost two years and seeking any chance to continue to work together.
Rajk and I have met back in 1998 in windy November Leipzig, constantly being fond of one another, starting to work on music and the formation of the band only one week later. However, now that some dreams of that time have come true and others are in the reach, a split is important and right; to keep on going and to continue to feel at home in one's artistic harbor, without wallowing in memories.
The shared years in the band have been all, impressive, beautiful, euphoric, sad, a real test and catastrophe, humanly not always easy, but there was always clarification; a struggle, joy about reached goals, common growing into too big shoes, common defeat and always honest and friendly.
And yet we have lost the way to make music together comfortably. It is not possible anymore. I regret that very much, but I am also filled with joy to know that Rajk will stay very close to the band in form of a booker and manager; but these terms don't really apply."

Source: disillusion.de
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Posted: 14.12.2009 by Darkside Momo


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14.12.2009 - 04:55
Thats a shame!

Although I wasn't very impressed with their last album, Gloria. Back To Times of Splendor was an amazing album though.

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14.12.2009 - 11:54
Au Pays Natal
Well goshdarnit, does that mean we have to wait even longer for new material? I agree with the above post - Back to times... is a MASTERPIECE
14.12.2009 - 16:44
Why everybody mocks Gloria, I prefer times aye, but Gloria isn't that bad. ? I agree, hopefully this will not delay new material too much.
14.12.2009 - 18:02
Ag Fox
Angel No More
Sad news...
loves 小巫
14.12.2009 - 18:48
This is very sad news indeed. It's never good to see one of your favorite bands lose their guitarist
"I am not superstitious, but I'm a little 'stitious." - Michael Scott
15.12.2009 - 18:47
Sad news indeed, i'm really looking forward to the material really can't wait...

Gloria and BTTOS... two different worlds, cannot really compare them, i love them both the same
16.12.2009 - 11:39
Cesc Fabregas
I ashaimed for him.
06.10.2010 - 16:02
Account deleted
Crapola...the guitars were one of the stronger highlights...he will be missed...am going to keep a keen eye for the new album and see how things turn out...

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