Extreme metal forum

Leviathan - USBM 50
The Dark Side of Death Metal 53
Black Metal 348
Symphonic Black Metal bands worth a listen 1
New Enraged album with Death/Testament/Darkane members 7
Vorbid (NOR) - Debut 'Mind' is out. 2
Anti Islamic Black Metal 67
Tystnad New one man Black Metal project 28
Instrumental Death Metal? 27
Opus Majestic, new song from upcoming 8th release 2
Oksennus - Finnish Death Metal 21
Arghoslent 25
Desultory 6
Death Metal recommendations 62
Recent/underground melodic raw black metal? 10
Extreme bands using different instruments? 15
Burzum 727
Greek Black Metal 43
The Anti-Christian Extreme Metal band you respect the most, and why? 135
Behemoth 383
Crust recommendations 10
Daemonic Theurgia [Occult Black Death metal] 1
Blackened Thrash 53
Death/Thrash suggestions 68
Black Twilight Circle - (USBM collective, kinda like LLN, but good) 99
Rapture 25
AEGRUS (FI) "Thy Numinous Darkness" OUT NOW! 6
What makes you listen to black metal? 661
Hyban Draco-Storms of Desolation (Satanic Blackened Death) 1
Your favorite Dark Ambient/Black Ambient bands 17