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  05.01.2008 at 14:37
I was wondering if anyone else here uses this incredible Firmware for their MP3 player or I-pod? If you don't know what Rockbox is go to rockbox.org and check it out. or just keep reading

Anyway, rockbox basically changes the look fell and functions of you MP3 player, for the better. There are many themes to choose from, or you can make your own, so basically, however you want your player to look, it will look that way. Not to mention it can run plugins, small programs. These range from games like Breakout clones to FPS games like Doom 1, 2 AND I'm quite sure all games that use the doom engine. not to mention, you can have a last.fm scrobbler file be saved on your player, so it will be compatible with Last.fm even though it is not an I-pod. Other features include better file organization (my Sansa E260R never had files by track number for example) and you can read text files, look at pictures without any converting, and videos with no converting.(this may change by what MP3 player you have). It also has a built in playlist editor, text editor, dictionary, metronome, clock, calender, calculator, something called "rockpaint", and a bunch of cool graphical demos.
I'm still finding new stuff every day as I use this, but I highly recomend it. However, since it requires you to mess around with your firmware, make sure you carefully read all the requirments, otherwise you can say goodbye probably pernamently to your MP3 player. That is, unless you have a recovery mode partition on your mp3 player or a good warrenty. However, if you meet all the requiremnts, it is just about as foolproof as you can get.
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  06.01.2008 at 00:04
Yup, I use it with my Sansa e260. I don't really care much for all the plugins for it, but it does have some nice features. First of all I switched from the official firmware because the mp3 player I have has a pretty bad sound control - it's either too loud or too quiet and rockbox also provides a better UI in most cases. :-)
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  06.01.2008 at 08:16
i tried rockbox on my ipod, but i didnt like it. its too complicated, takes like 5 minutes to find a song. so i unistalled it

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  06.01.2008 at 13:56
Hmm, you could have tried a different theme. Actually its quite simple to find stuff I think. Database>Artists>Albums>songs

If you are manually trying to find the song from a full list then, yes it is kinda hard since the text is kinda small.
I agree with TDFX about the sound controls for the 260, I remember it was either have it loud or way too quite. If you set the qualizer to anything other than normal, the volume dropped a huge amount. It also didnt have a custom equalizer, that bothered me as well.
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  12.04.2010 at 19:44
I've been using it for a long while on my Sansa Fuze and Clip.
Superior in every way to almost any firmware of the devices that it is compatible with.

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