Promote your band (for those who can't open new threads)

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Posted by wrathchild, 18.05.2008 - 14:21
Ok, so normally one should not be able to create a new thread until they got 100 posts. So those people can do it here and introduce their band.

Please be kind enough to provide all the information about your band (name, genre, website, myspace, a bit of history, etc.)

I also invite you to fill an entry in the "Band suggestions", and vote/comment on those you want to see featured

28.04.2019 - 14:18
Hello metalheads!

Check out this new epic metal band from Finland! Two songs are released and more is coming!


25.05.2019 - 02:13
Hello everyone,

My name is Michał Kustra. I am big fan of metal and amateur musician. Check out my one-person black / doom metal project. I compose and record all instruments and vocals. Maybe you will like it \m/
16.07.2019 - 10:58
I started to promote my band on Instagram with the popular #hashtags, and it is helping me to promote me, but i need more people to follow. So me and my band started to buy automatic instagram likes and there are some improvements on our site, now we have more followers and shares. In case I can promote my band and here it is called << Proxy Boys>> music is rapcore and rap rock(smth like Deuce and Hollywood Undead). Soon we are gonna have our first clip and I'll share it with you.
18.08.2019 - 20:51
Hello there, fellow metal fans!

We are Rising to Heaven, a symphonic melodic death metal band from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. We have just recently released our debut single "Fall Into Oblivion", which we would proudly present here on Metal Storm!

You totally will not be disappointed!

Track is available on all major streaming platforms as well.

Follow us on: