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Posted by Valentin B, 15.06.2009 - 15:27
This band is very weird... there's lyrics and some parts that wouldn't seem out of place in a Good Charlotte song(Back to Prom to name just one track) but then again there's also some fucking TRAD DOOM/Heaven and Hell or something (Find that Soul), thrash metal like old Metallica(Wild Rover), even a bit of Manowar-like aggressive instrumentation(Devil or the Blue Cat Song on their 2007 album)

that being said, i think they are FUCKING AWESOME. one of the best bands i've discovered as of late.

btw i don't see why people don't consider them metal and simply discard them as some 4th rate Sum 41 ripoff...sure, not all their stuff is metal but sometimes they slay HARD... like Mr and Mrs Ness and of course the aforementioned Find that Soul are pretty fucking heavy(crossing the border to Thrash or Trad Doom sometimes)
16.08.2012 - 01:31
Wandering Midget
Written by Urizen367 on 15.08.2012 at 06:23

i think it's bad ass that the singer (michael poulsen) has a tattoo of Hypocrisy's logo!

Poulsen has death metal roots as a musician. He's also a fan of early Amorphis.

I have the first three albums but wasn't bothered with Beyond Hell... They're a bit too bland for my taste on that album.
23.08.2012 - 20:42
Saw them in 2005 when they warmed up for Saturnus...lots of energy on stage...and very big emphasis on entertaining the audience..but the music is not really for me.