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Posted by FOOCK Nam, 27.09.2009 - 11:25
Just been in Love, so I want to know more Love songs, both metal or all other genres.

The current Love songs I like best:
-Small Town by The Rasmus, it is more on other side but somewhat make me feel like in beautiful moment.
-I'm Yours, damn this song is exact my IN LOVE song when I stayed in the therapy hospital, it is mixed by raggage and beat and maybe R'n'B, though I am not much knowledgable about it, it is very good but I can not find or download it from internet, dont know why.
-Lovers' Grief by Empyrium, very good song, lyric, more on lovelorn, and the infinitive emotion.
-All About you, by McFly, just played this song few days ago even I have had it on my laptop long time ago. It is good in music but lyric, so so, I feel like too Pop-ish lyric.
-Sadness And Hate by Wintersun, listen to it and read the lyric, I GIVE MY LIFE TO YOU, you see.
-Ghost Of Love, Livin' In A World Without You, by The Rasmus, not bad.
and some more, that is all.

Now, Recommendation:
-I expect variety wide range of all genre, but mostly I prefer rock, reggage, emo, metal, acceptable R'n'B if I can digest it, I hope so, I will try if its lyric is good, pop is ok but not much from my preference.
-lyric: not too much like pop-ish: I love you forever, juliet & romeo, kissing, etc, I prefer lyric like in The Rasmus, or like from Wintersun, mixing emotion personal struggle, or society problem, etc.. in the whole concept of LOVE theme. But if you do not know much that kind of what I want, do not worry, feel FREE to recommend any love song you like.
-Well, I expect and appreciate to know more LOVE songs which are lean towards more positive, Small Town and I'm Your are those kinds, Lover's Grief is a bit depressed and painful, Sadness And Hate is depressed but less painful than the previous.

I want you to say why you like the song you recommend both music and lyric: the feeling you have, even what is in your mind when you listen to that song. No matter what it is paranoia or just positive imagination.
-To me the song Small Town: the lyric is very applying to me, emotion, thought, etc, the music is good I like the vocal, guitar. When I listen to that song, damn I paranoianize like I staying in a Small town, survive from the stupid community or the people want to turn me donw, and then living there with my LOVE.
-The song I'm Yours, reggage, and maybe radio version, simply it is the song while I fall IN LOVE, I like it more on the music and vocal.
-Lover's Grief: damn, both music, specially piano, bass tone vocal, screaming, and lyric, very good and a bit depressed.
-Sadness And Hate: yeah, very metal, and thoughtful lyric, and the last words is really great, I GIVE MY LIFE TO YOU.

Enough words, Now, your turn.

EDIT of Update: Now I still keep the whole theme of the thread, but want to add more that you can FREELY add Depressed LOVE songs or pessimistic and LOVELORN songs. Utnil now, I just add my feeling in I Love Thee by Saturnus, Ode To Melancholy by Empyrium, and again Sadness And Hate by Wintersun. Especially the third on, read the lyric, Well you can Feel like song of Suicide for LOVE. Yeah currently now it is my own Life's Movie soundtrack.
22.12.2010 - 21:07
Oh my, a love song topic with no mention of Mark Kozelek? He has some of the most personal, direct and emotional lyrics I've read. Try Red House Painters' Katy Song for some serious heartbreaking goodness. It's a perfect song musically, too.
28.01.2011 - 00:13
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Love songs/songs about love, that don't suck:

The Addiction - Angtoria
Must Be Dreaming - Frou Frou
My Selene - Sonata Arctica
Sacrifice - London After Midnigt
Kiri - Monoral
Day Nineteen: Disclosure - Ayreon
Ever Dream - Nightwish
Hammer Smashed Face - Cannibal Corpse
Oceans Of Regret - Cain's Offering
22.02.2011 - 07:43
If You Really Loved Me - Tim Minchin
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