Vic Rattlehead vs. Eddie the Head

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Posted by Metalmunky17, 07.07.2010 - 09:13
Megadeth and Iron Maiden are two great bands with great cover art. Both have mascots, Megadeth's Vic and Maiden's Eddie, who are both skeleton/zombie-like creatures. But which one do you like better? My vote would have to go to Vic. He's more political and symbolic, and he looks pretty damn cool on his own. Don't get me wrong, I love Eddie, as he's definitely an icon of metal, but my vote goes to Vic.


Megadeth's mascot Vic or Maiden's mascot Eddie

Eddie the Head
Vic Rattlehead

Total votes: 135
06.09.2010 - 06:33
I might be wrong but, imo, some heavy metal mascots look like they are more or less copied on Eddie.

Vic Rattlehead (Megadeth)
Set Abominae (Iced Earth)
Fangface (Gamma Ray, Helloween at the time of "Walls Of Jericho")
They shake your hand and they smile and they buy you a drink
They say we'll be your friends we'll stick with you till the end
But everybody's only looking out for themselves
And you say who can you trust I'll tell you nobody
22.05.2011 - 02:44
Eddie. He's amazing.
23.05.2011 - 01:12
Account deleted
Eddie. Maiden always had the catchiest album covers.
06.10.2012 - 06:41
Shadow King
Eddie is just one of those mascots that you instantly recognize and is always a pleasure seeing his various incarnations. He's awesome. \m/
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