Wrath Is Evergreen - Experimental doom/black metal (Estonia)

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08.09.2006 - 15:39

Wrath Is Evergreen was founded by IngWar

In spring 2006 rush about the world was stopped by illness. Illness that gave me inspiration. After composing two songs I found that there will be more. That was a birth of Wrath Is Evergreen.
In spring 2008 Kädi and Suva joined the legion to give one live. Kädi helped with her evil vocals and Suva with his down-tuned guitar. The band had a new future with more members and more active life. In autumn drummer Tambet joined and filled the empty place of live percussion.


Ingwar - Guitar, Vocals, Programming

Kädi - Vocals

Suva - Guitar, Programming

Tambet - Drums

Some links:

Uploaded songs are quite old, but promo/single cd will be released soon. But there is also a video with our new song that can give better overview to the band. It's on Youtube and can be seen here
08.09.2006 - 19:32
Mr. Noise
Give us more info please.

What do you play, with whom do you play, etc.

I'll post my opinion later.
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31.12.2008 - 00:19
OK, a lot of time has passed, but band just started to work more seriously. So about the band is updated in the first post.