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People of the Lie by Kreator or Heartwork by Carcass?

People of the Lie21

Total votes: 49


Posts: 449

Age: 19
From: USA

  27.05.2011 at 03:38
It has always been said that the choruses in these two songs sound very similar. I think so too. So which one do you like more, People of the Lie by Kreator or Heartwork by Carcass?

I like People of the Lie better because the riffs and lyrics are better. Although Heartwork DOES have a nice melodic section at the beginning of the song, I still prefer the former.
Angelic Storm

Posts: 6675
From: UK

  27.05.2011 at 03:48
"Heartwork" has that absolutely crushing main/verse riff, so I have to go with that song. Even though I also love "People Of The Lie"! (from my fave Kreator album "Coma Of Souls") xD

As for the choruses sounding similar, I dunno about that... the rhythm of the chorus riffs are similar, but dont really sound the same. lol
The Galactican

Posts: 182

Age: 42
From: USA

  27.05.2011 at 04:19
Two great bands and songs but have to go with Carcass on this one.

Posts: 62

Age: 31
From: USA

  27.05.2011 at 04:54

Posts: 62

Age: 22
From: Canada

  27.05.2011 at 06:57
Gotta wake up and smell the Carcass
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Account deleted
  27.05.2011 at 08:45
People of the Lie.
In Bone Factory

Posts: 360

Age: 31
From: Iran

  27.05.2011 at 09:19
I like them both.Two great songs.But my vote would be "People Of The Lie"
a hammerhead goobrian

Posts: 2377

Age: 28
From: Greece

  27.05.2011 at 10:07
Completely different songs from completely different bands...
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Black Apep

Posts: 21

Age: 27
From: Iran

  27.05.2011 at 11:45
Kreator's works are more powerful than Carcass i think . So people of the Lie \m/
Thrash Talker

Posts: 2371

Age: 25
From: Canada

  27.05.2011 at 18:12
Carcass !!! \m/ I simply prefer their riffs and overall sound on this album.
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Posts: 54
From: Canada

  28.05.2011 at 16:19
I would prefer Kreator over Carcass, but Heartwork is definitely better than People of The Lie.

So my vote goes for Heartwork.

Posts: 240

Age: 42
From: Slovenia

  28.05.2011 at 18:25
Uh, a difficult decision... sorry, but no vote from my side. Both songs are great.
Bad English

Posts: 44731

Age: 31
From: Sweden

  28.05.2011 at 19:21
Non is perfect but I go for Kreator
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Posts: 1627

Age: 30
From: Egypt

  29.05.2011 at 00:54
I can't see how they're similar really, "maybe" the four rhythm chords on the chorus part sound alike other that that they're completely different songs, but i'd have to go with Heartwork as this is like my second or third favorite track for Carcass while people of the lie is among the top 15 Kreator tracks.

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Posts: 41

Age: 23
From: USA

  07.06.2011 at 01:07
Both kick serious ass , but im gonna go with Kreator
Infernal Eternal

Posts: 647
From: Greece

  27.02.2012 at 15:27
People of the Lie no d.oubt
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Account deleted
  28.02.2012 at 01:45
You people must be polling pulls out of your ass now.

Boxcar Willy
yr a kook

Posts: 7339

Age: 20
From: Canada

  28.02.2012 at 03:02
Written by Guest on 28.02.2012 at 01:45

You people must be polling pulls out of your ass now.


Next poll

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Account deleted
  28.02.2012 at 03:36
Written by Boxcar Willy on 28.02.2012 at 03:02

Written by Guest on 28.02.2012 at 01:45

You people must be polling pulls out of your ass now.


Next poll

the color Red Vs. KFC


Posts: 69

Age: 30
From: USA

  02.03.2012 at 14:56
This was easy Heartwork for the simple reason that I dislike everything from Kreator and like a ton of Carcass
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Account deleted
  05.03.2012 at 22:22
I like Kreator more than Carcass overall but Heartwork is a better song.

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