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Posted by , 24.04.2012 - 06:22
Slayer and Kreator, both bands have similar qualities in music. Ive also heard before that Kreator is a German version of Slayer now that may be ture in some cases but prpbably not all. This is a tough question for me because both bands are two of my very favorite bands but i will have to go with Slayer. One reason is because they stuck to their thrash roots all through their career and i like all of their albums not one of them is bad in my opinion, and there are some albums by Kreator that are just okay. What do you guys think?


Who do you think is better, Slayer or Kreator?

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06.12.2015 - 03:47
This is a tough argument, because both bands have created classic thrash albums, and both are great live performers...on one hand, Kreator, while a great band, has never made an album that changed metal(i.e., Reign in Blood). On the other hand, I haven't enjoyed an original Slayer album since Divine Intervention, where as I still enjoy new Kreator albums(not my favorites of their discography, but enjoyable nonetheless). I guess I'd have to say that up until the mid-90's, it would be Slayer. In the long term, however, Kreator all the way.
07.03.2016 - 20:26
I'd go for Slayer because they have different phases of their career, and they keep reinventing themselves, which is hard to do!

For me Divine was a low point for the band, and really the few albums that followed it were just.. bleh!! Diabolus, and that punk rock cover bullshit.

Early-early Slayer produced hands-down the most epic live material: Black Magic, Die By The Sword, At Dawn They Sleep are all killer live. As much as I like RIB I think it is a bit overrated, and the drums are pretty much kick-snare-kick-snare, pretty boring. High points for the album are of course Angel of Death (the most metal thing ever created, hands down) and the middle of the record, too: Altar of Sacrifice and Jesus Saves are fun. I am a bigger fan of South of Heaven as it was quite a departure for them musically, and easily the most diverse Slayer album. Are there some meh songs, sure, but I like the vibe and sound of that record a lot, and it has equally classic cuts as RIB: SOH, Mandatory Suicide. Even the oddball songs, like Dissident Aggressor, are fun to listen to anyway. That one reminds me of Eye of the Tiger, which makes me laugh. It's got a high school arena quality that is really funny to hear Tom sing. "STAND!" *weee-ooh* FIGHT!" *wee-oooh!*

Kind of stupid but I don't care. My high school mascot was the Tigers, so maybe that's why I actually listen to that track.

Seasons is the most commercially successful earlier Slayer, but it's also a bit more one-dimensional. That's probably what gets a lot of people into Slayer in the first place, but honestly it is just kind of the same deal the whole time.

What really did if for me with Slayer, though, was God Hates Us All and World Painted Blood, both of which I love! I was totally not expecting that shit when I first put in that GHUA cd, then I'm like, "Holy shit, it's actually good!!"

Seems the last handful of Slayer albums have been to a higher standard. Even Repentless is pretty good.

Nothing against Kreator, but I would argue Slayer has been influential of death metal, black metal, and they are pretty much recognized as the #1 REAL METAL band by everyone - even your f'ing Grandma knows Slayer is some badass, evil shit!!

Metallica is the band for wannabe posers. Slayer is the band for real metalheads!!
30.03.2016 - 06:52
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And nowadays Europe has Evile, Angelus Apatrida and Lost Society so...yeah

Copycat crap crap and crap. There is not a single modern day thrash band which is really good. No not even hyped Vektor

These bands are all bad, yes.
The only new Thrash bands I really like are Cruel Force, Hellish Crossfire and Hellbringer.
And I'm not sure if Cruel Force will release another album as the band is on hold.
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30.03.2016 - 07:53
Written by Lord_Regnier on 30.03.2016 at 06:52

Hellish Crossfire

Do you have any information about Hellish Crossfire? Their 2 albums were quite impressive, and it's been already a while since Bloodrust Scythe was released. I'm starting to think that they are on hold or something like that.
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31.03.2016 - 00:49
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Written by Lord_Regnier on 30.03.2016 at 06:52

Hellish Crossfire

Do you have any information about Hellish Crossfire? Their 2 albums were quite impressive, and it's been already a while since Bloodrust Scythe was released. I'm starting to think that they are on hold or something like that.

Unfortunately, I have no information at the moment. I never heard any rumor about the band being on hold.
As you know, they are far from a well-known and famous band. Sometimes bands like that can take a long time between albums. I hope it is only a matter of taking a bit longer than usual before releasing new material. I remember that they were still playing live in 2015.
I'd really like to have them around for a long time. The two albums they released are promising.
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08.05.2016 - 03:15
Slayer for sure, but I love Kreator too. Slayer made the greatest thrash album of all time and maybe the 2nd best too with Seasons. Also I like Slayers new albums a lot. God Hates Us All is awesome!! Christ Illusion and World Painted Blood are excellent and even Repentless was very good.
12.05.2016 - 09:04
Metal Ninja
Both great bands of the Thrash genre but Kreator pips Slayer & gets my vote.
24.06.2016 - 06:01
Slayer! Slayer! Slayer! Forever to Reign in Blood!
21.12.2016 - 16:29
I've heard only 4 slayer albums including reign in blood and I was kinda bored. I love kreator and mille Petrozzas voice even though it's very similar to Toms. Also, I think kreator is more consistent because slayer went down the shitter in the last 10 years while kreator is still making good material......Cough cough phantom antichrist
17.02.2017 - 11:25
Slayer's first 5 albums were fantastic (especially Show No Mercy and South Of Heaven belong to the list of the best metal albums of all time). Everything after Seasons In The Abyss is more or less shite. Kreator, on the other hand, have consistently delivered crushing albums (apart from the 90s). Therefore, I'd go for Kreator even though Slayer was my favourite band during my youth.
13.06.2017 - 16:41
Both in the same concert would be quite the orgasm for my ears.
07.06.2019 - 10:45
JoHn DoE
I've always enjoyed Kreator more than Slayer.
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29.06.2019 - 15:40
Donkey Hotte
Slayer. Easy choice for me. Not only did Kreator stumble out of the gate in comparison to Slayer (to put it mildly), but they also never quite reached the heights that Slayer did, not even with Coma Of Souls.
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