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Posted by Groby94, 11.10.2014 - 19:08
I just noticed this happening today. I checked all of the top albums this year and most of their ratings suddenly went down, and that's because of several 1 ratings appeared out of nowhere during the night.

Something should be done about this, not because of stupid reasons as "my favorite band isn't 1st place omg". The rating system should reflect the real overall opinion of the users on the album (duh), and it should help other users decide whether they would want to give the album a shot or not (among other factors, of course).
22.05.2018 - 22:15
Guys, there's voting abuse on every single top 10 album of 2018. Almost 12 to 25 users per album, low rating every single album that isn't its from its favourite band. This ends up lowering the average score of any album, because a 1 rating is more incisive that a 10 rating. Just saying. Btw, evaluating with decimals should be a thing, it makes it more easier.
22.05.2018 - 22:22
Look at this example

Slugdge - Esoteric Malacology 10
Between The Buried And Me - Automata I 9
TesseracT - Sonder 9
Primordial - Exile Amongst The Ruins 6
Hypno5e - Alba - Les Ombres Errantes 6
Amorphis - Queen Of Time 4

This is a person who has 8.5 average rating in 200 albums. Evaluated 2 favorite bands as 10 and 9, then other goods good albums as 6 and 4.
Worse than the example above. This guy has 20 evaluations, Alkaloid is the only favourite band on the profile. Look at the voting from this year:

Alkaloid - Liquid Anatomy 10
Amorphis - Queen Of Time 4
Slugdge - Esoteric Malacology 3
At The Gates - To Drink From The Night Itself 2

I think I made a point here.