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The original post

Posted by Soliloquy on 17.05.2006 at 03:24
since MS started all overagain, i decidied to get rid of the numbers. but i believe this should have been the 5th poetry thread.

anyways, you guys know the rules. post somethig you wrote, or a friend of yours wrote. or if you dont want to post some poem, you can always read others work and comment on that. unlike the last poetry thread, lets try to comment on every poem we get in.

(if you want me to add or remove something, just PM me, and i'll edit it right away.)

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Bad English

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  12.01.2016 at 17:55
We admire the sun, in landscapes we mourn
Cold rivers between us, and frustration between our love
Gray clouds, brought here by solitary wind
And distance between pale moon and bright sun is just an illusion
We told our last goodbyes to world we once knew
As members of anti-summer alliance , between October and March
People won't understand, this passion about ice and snow
As members of anti-winter alliance, between March and October
People won't understand our passion about sun, what never sets here
Sleepy hallows and doorways what you don't need to lock
Empty wounds between us, there is no going back
Falling rain pounding on your side, you're wasted from mud and depression
Just a frozen river here, quiet place, I can walk and be free
Mighty sun , moon, we admire you in old ways
Just an illusion, growing means freedom; I am refusing to do it
We admire the landscapes, where we walk, and will forever dwell
Life is to short for LOVE, there is many great things to do online !!!

Stormtroopers of Death - ''Speak English or Die''

I better die, because I never will learn speek english, so I choose dieing
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  08.02.2016 at 20:41
Voting Abuse:

Is it my unconscious reaction to the childhood scars?
Or perhaps affected by the position of the stars?
I am afraid I met feelings one can not explain:
but today I woek with the urge to downvote again...

Metalstorm.net? Never had I heard of this before.
But just once, just this time I am going to log in
it is now my duty to complete the following chore:
write the votes for my favourite bands' discography in.

...I sure am having trouble with my identity
dissimilar profiles help build my online entity
cannot tell if i am johndoe or faveband321
but of all tastes, every personality has the same one...

...Changing email and country: needed technicalities
(for rhyming reasons, "[i]woek[/]" on the fourth line was a typo)
I say I need to hide my multi personalities
because grumpy elders can get a BitCold or psyko

..Downvote! spam the one! All these albums are the worst ever!
I still feel like listening to all their stuff, however!?
Am i compelled to listen to that total disgrace?
Mayhaps it increases assurance of my supreme taste?

...Nobody else has my born gift to evaluate art,
for example when I look at these bands on the top chart,
I rest assured none could begin to compare with band x.
Who said again this binary voting scheme is complex...?

...I do not spot my favourites on the top: an absurd.
This fact bothers me more than I would like to admit
but after giving perfect scores for all albums I heard
I rest peacefully, for I made the world better, a bit
Mushroom dance, mushroom dance, whatever could it mean? It means that you lived a life of sin.

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