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Which of the albums Enslaved has released, is your favorite?

Vikingligr Veldi7
Below The Lights5
Mardraum: Beyond The Within1

Total votes: 45

The original post

Posted by Infurnace on 29.06.2007 at 16:03
I've started to get into Enslaved lately. They really seemed to impress me with their "Isa" album. It's a really good album, and a great mix between Black and Viking Metal, with a lot of Progressive influences. So you can guess where my vote will go to. Now I want to know what all you guys think, is the best Enslaved album.

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  04.01.2009 at 05:43
Written by Dangerboner on 04.01.2009 at 03:33

Written by -DC-002- on 04.01.2009 at 00:37


lol wut

hehe, you caught me
Liver Failure

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  06.12.2009 at 01:26
Eld has blown my mind! ''Alfablot'', ''For lenge siden'' and ''Eld'' are amazing songs. Still more Viking black than progressive, but with a good mixture. My favorite Enslaved album, althou Ruun gets really close.

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  19.08.2010 at 18:05
Eld or Ruun for me. Both are incredible albums, even though Isa gets clsoe.

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