The main means of interaction on Metal Storm are the Forum and the Shoutbox, the former used for more in-depth discussions and the latter is more like a chat. We like to keep the Forum junk-free and jerk-free, so it's strictly moderated - however, if you follow our Rules and policies and The rules of posting (based largely on simple common sense), you should do alright.

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FAQ: Forum and members

1.1 - Rules and policies

No multiple accounts are allowed.

Be polite to your fellow Metalstormers. Speak your opinion in a mature and respectful way, and don't try to insult anyone.

No discrimination of any kind, no Nazi propaganda, racism or slurs will be tolerated here (and please, don't use any avatar, banner or nickname 'linked' with such ideologies).

Respect the Staff, Moderators and Admins. If you have received a warning, better heed it - or get yourself banned.

There should be no complaining in the forums about your posts locked or removed, or people getting banned. If you feel it was a mistake, send a PM to a Moderator. Same goes for rejected edits, you should read the FAQ and PM a Staff member for explanations if you feel something wasn't right.

When voting for an album, remember your vote must be fair and not influenced by what other voters have done before you. Please give realistic ratings and remember a 10 means the album is a masterpiece, an album that changed the way we listen to music nowadays.

No pornographic, nude or gore pictures here. If you really want to share them with us, use links and a clear warning.

No links to illegal downloads, or soliciting such links. Make sure the bands or labels allow their material to be downloaded before posting such links anywhere on this site.

Speak only English here, please. This also applies for your personal texts and signatures.