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Green Christmas 2003

Event: Green Christmas 2003
Written by: Götter
Published: 30.12.2003

Green Christmas is a rock/metal concert that has been annually going on in Rakvere for quite some years already. This is the first time I have attended it, though, and now I intend to continue next year. I must say I gained a truly positive impression and it convined me that the Estonian metal scene is very OK.

Only 400 tickets went on sale and all were sold out. It's very obvious because of the relatively high popularity of metal concerts among estonians. After all, this year featured at least two very important names - Lullacry from Finland, the main performer and Loits from Estonia, the TRUE main performer. Loits had just returned from a tour around Europe and honored us with their presence. And the crowds were pleased and totally hooked - during no other band was the room so full. But Loits was well worth it.

Loits on stage

Here is the total list of bands that performed:

* Forgotten Sunrise - I wasn't much in the show room when they were on, sorry.
* Leech - Same as above.
* Gunnar Graps & The Magnetic Band - Great old Estonian rocker. He sure rocked hard. The third best performer in the concert.
* Loom - Was at first ment to be Zorg, but they couldn't come. I didn't hear much of Loom either, but what I heard seemed quite OK.
* Herald - My personal favorite from the show. A relatively new but very good true heavy metal band from Estonia. They seem to hold the spirit of the classics.
* Omnium Gatherum - From Finland. I only heard the end which was pretty considerable.
* Recycle Bin - Negative feelings. Plain annoyance. Damn nu.
* Loits - What more needs to be said... Tõelised Kuningad - True Kings!
* Lullacry - I don't listen to such music much, but they managed to do a lot with their powerful (and beautiful =)) female vocals. Their guitar player also gave quite a show on stage...

Additional comments - Herald's "Heavy metal wakes the beast", their probably greatest song, was probably the culmination of the concert. To no other song did the people live into. Everyone moshed and screamed along the famous lyrics: "Heavy metal wakes the beast in meeee...!" Simply very powerful.

Heavy metal wakes the beast!

Other things that pleased me was seeing alot of metalheads, both male and female, and many of my acquintances among them.
Yeah, this concert kicked ass.

here's a link to the official website of Green Christmas:


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