Dark Moor - Dark Moor (Song by Song)

With: Enrik Garcia
Conducted by: Malcolm
Published: 08.03.2004

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Dark Moor
Album info: Dark Moor

01. A Life For Revenge
02. Eternity
03. The Bane Of Daninsky (The Werewolf)
04. Philip, The Second
05. From Hell
06. Cyrano Of Bergerac
07. Overtune (Attila)
08. Wind Like Stroke (Attila)
09. Return For Love (Attila)
10. Amore Venio (Attila)
11. The Ghost Sword (Attila)
12. The Dark Moor

01. A Life for Revenge:
This song is based in the Alejandro Dumars's book "The Count of
Montecristo". Musically, I think this song runs between the old Dark
Moor and the new Dark Moor because it has strong guitar riffs but it is
really melodic too!!

02. Eternity:
Eternity is a mistical song, the lyrics talk about how wonderful is to
feel yourself alive, but I think every person can give it a personal
Musically is a barroque song at the beggining.

03. The Bane of Daninsky (The Werewolf):
This song is dedicated to the Spanish actor Paul Naschi and his caracter
Daninsky, The Werewolf in his film "the night of Walpurgis".
I think that it is the darkest track in the album. We try to achieve an
atmospherical terror song but with a powerful chorus. The solo part is very

04. Philip, The Second:
This song is dedicated to our country, through the figure of the Spanish
king, Philip II. The lyrics tells part of History and part of Legend about
I think that this song is the most power metal style of the album
although we used the choir in the second verse and not in the chorus
as we usually do. The funny thing of the song is that we sing in Spanish in
one part of the choirs.

05. From Hell:
It is the single. Is a fast, strong and comercial song. The guitar riff
reminds Death melodic style. It is a song against the war in the
world. We wrote the song when EEUU with the support of Spain and United
Kindong attacked Irak the last year despite of manifestation in all the
world against it.

06. Cyrano of Bergerac:
This song is based in the Edmund Rostand's
book of the same tittle. I love this book.
And I think that the world could be better if more people was like
Cyrano and don't think only in money. Musically this song is very rich,
I think, any passage is a little operistic and the part of the piano and
the soprano is a little like "Queen", haha.

07. Overtune:
This song is instrumental, and is a introduction to the mini-conceptual
part of Attila in the Album. We use it as an introdution for our shows

08. Wind Like Stroke:
I think that this song is the most agressive of the Dark Moor history.
The song is like a roar of fury, like if the hun horde will attack.
The lyric talks about the attack of the huns, leading Attila.

09. Return for Love:
this song is very heavy, slower and stronger. In this one we tell when
Attila lived in Rome, he fell in love and promised to return like emperor.

10. Amore Venio:
It is a instrumental interlude to bind with the next song.

11. The Ghost Sword:
It is a speed song that closes the part dedicated to Attila. The time of
the song is
tripleted. I think that this song is a little Death too (if you listen the
guitar riffs).
The lyrics tell how Attila finds his sword which unites all the hun clans.

12. The Dark Moor:
It is a very special song for me. Is a mini-musical piece with three
caracters interpreted by Alfred, Beatriz Albert (soprano) and me. The
song is like a tale where we try explain what Dark Moor means for us, but
if you want know you must read the lyric, hehe.
I like a lot the central part of the song, it is a waltz, and I think
that is one of the best piece that I ever wrote.


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