Frédéric Leclercq


2000-2004 Heavenly - guitars, keyboards  
2006-2019 DragonForce - bass, guitars  
2007- Iron Steel - bass  
2013- Menace - bass  
2016- Sinsaenum - bass, guitars, keyboards  
2019- Kreator - bass  
2020- Loudblast - bass  
2020- Amahiru - guitars, bass  

Live musician

2005 DragonForce - bass  
2011 Sabaton - guitars  

Guest musician

2015 Sigh - guitars  

Personal information

Born on: 23.06.1978

Frédéric Leclercq (born June 23, 1978 in France) is the bassist for power metal band DragonForce and the frontman in his own band, Maladaptive, where he sings and plays guitar. He is multi-talented and can play bass, guitar, keyboards, and can sing. He is a session musician for various other bands and is also an ex-member of the French power metal band Heavenly.