DGM - Hidden Place (Song by Song)

With: Titta
Conducted by: Undercraft
Published: 27.03.2004

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Album info: Hidden Place

01. A Day without The Sun
02. Save Me
03. Hidden Place
04. Invisible Rain
05. Storm # 351
06. Heaven
07. Alone
08. Blind!!
09. Age Of The Flame
10. Winter Breeze

A Day Without The Sun:
This is a very dark song ah ah ah ah a very speed Prog song as DGM can do at the best is a simply story, like the rest of the songs, without a "principal starring" talkin' about a request of sincerely, true feelings and all the good things in life.

Save Me:
Maybe the best song of the entire album with an incredible double-bass drummin by Fabio on the refrain………….This is the first song that I wrote, is very intimistic, with some "visions", reflection about the past life, with a love promise in the refrain……I love this song really

Hidden Places:
This is a "story" about a person that faced his life with too much negativities, with drugs, beer and wine like an helping hand but everytime he look into the mirror the only figure he can see is a shadow of himself, tryin to seek into his Hidden places the reasons to rise another time.

Invisible Rain:
I wrote this song principally cause I was so hangry with my girlfriend (we've splitted up for one mounth during the recording session…… now we are together from 3 years and 2 mounth) so when Fabio Sanges ask me to write the lyrics……..I've done in 3 hours
Now is one of my favorite and my girlfriend's too (INCREDIBLE)

Storm #351:
This is a true hard rock song by Diego Reali with his lyrics and talkin' about a classic things in this kind of songs "….please don't let me alone…."
Yeahhhhhh very hard rock we love this song!!!!!

This is a Diego's song about the un-know love……the ring that never come, the non meaning of the life…………still a perfect hard rock song!!!!!

I wrote this song imagining what I wrote….really….one day in my home during a tv special about the space and the stars I wrote these words……the music and the words are perfect for the mood of the entire song.

The rage makes me blind everyday!!!!!! Shit!!!!!!!! This is the reason for this song…..too much ignorance, violence, and non respect for the other person in my city (roma) so I wrote this song thinking about this shit!!!

Age Of The Flame:
This a totally no-sense lyrics really ah ah ah ah ah ah words for a power speed metal songs totally crazy with too much words without sense I'm sorry ah ah ah ah

Winter Breeze:
I liked the song and the words…..this is a very sad song (for me ) all reminds me the cold….the winter, the happy meeting with my old friends that never comes for the different ways taken long ago, You know how the time could be a very asshole…….
You can't choose the right way in a second …..you should have a second chanche that you can't have and this is sad……..so I ask to my brother KILLJOY (from NECROPHAGIA my other band where I am the drummer) to scream with all his infernal voice my hangry for this!!!!!!



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28.04.2009 - 08:55
This is the best disc of dgm!!!!
Titta tani rules!!!!!!!
winter breeze
28.04.2009 - 16:49
Haven't heard this album, but DGM generally makes some very good music

Dreams are made so we don't get bored when we sleep
18.09.2009 - 20:40
The Shape 1973
This will be the next one that I look at, Frame and Different Shapes are brilliant, Titta and Mark sound quite similar, so looks good for the future.
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