Elvenking - Wyrd (Song by Song)

With: Aydan [Guitars]
Conducted by: Undercraft
Published: 11.11.2004

Band profile:

Album info: Wyrd

01. The Losers' Ball
02. Pathfinders
03. Jigsaw Puzzle
04. The Silk Dilemma
05. Disappearing Sands [Limited Edition bonus]
06. Moonchariot
07. The Perpetual Knot
08. Another Haven
09. A Fiery Stride [Limited Edition bonus]
10. Midnight Circus
11. A Poem For The Firmament

01. The Losers' Ball
A short acoustic cut, very folk and irish. It works as the intro of the album but it is a short complete song, to give the right idea of Elvenking music. The lyrics are about all the one of us who won't be remembered in the future; maybe our name will die with us. But in the end what really matter is what you have done in your life, in the little things of every day. We are the losers, maybe, but we could also be winner for ourselves...

02. Pathfinders
A very furious track to open the album. The lyrics in a way talks about Elvenking, about what is our goal in making music, what lead us to write songs and words. "We are searching emotions...": and maybe this is the answer.

03. Jigsaw Puzzle
An up tempo which leads to Elvenking typical trademarks, with violins and heavy guitars in the same place.

04. The Silk Dilemma
A real pub-song, to sing along with a beer in the hands. The lyrics are really personal and talks about decisions to take, old roads to leave to follow new paths...

05. Disappearing Sands
Hard cut with death vocals on it. But here there is also the touch of the string quartet in the blowing first riff. The lyrics are about religions and cults brought with the force.

06. Moonchariot
A song about the Moon. One of the most facinating elements, so magical and mysterious. Quite a long song which turns from acoustic to electric parts continuosly.Great choirs to close it. One of my favs.

07. The Perpetual Knot
Another very short and folkish song. A lot of violins and nordic tunes. The lyrics are about the Phylosphy of Wyrd. In the song all the harmony vocals are done by Metti Zimmer, singer of Perzonal War who is a hell of a guy!!!

08. Another Haven
A little calm here with a mid-tempo with a lot of atmosphere, keyboards and great violin solo in the middle. The lyrics are about mankind.

09. A Fiery Stride
This song, bonus track for the album, is the very first song written by Elvenking. Originally it was called "Fairytale forgotten". And yes, we almpst forgot it!!! One day I found an old cassete with this song recorded years and years ago and I thought it would be great to bring it to life again. We have changed it here and there, writing new verses, adding new lyrics...and here is it!

10. Midnight Circus.
Something a little bit different. More heavy, more catchy, ...different! Midnight Circus has a great chorus to sing, and a finale with death and normal voices weaving.

11. A Poem For The Firmament.
Talking personally, much more than a simple song. Along the 12 minutes a lot of different emotions and feelings. The song is divided in four sections, one for every part of the day and each part is linked to a moment of life. Dawn for love, day for the courage to take your decisions in life, twilght - the loosing of innocence, night to fear and death, and than the circle begins once again...For me this songs means a lot and the lyrics reflect really myself in every single part. As said before, more than a simple song.



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Most of their songs are the ''first one writen'' for something Or pub-like or ''typical Elvenking'' XD

Fine by me.

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