Elegeion - The Last Moment (Song by Song)

With: All Members
Conducted by: Undercraft
Published: 02.09.2005

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Album info: The Last Moment

01. The Last Moment
02. Scars
03. Solitude
04. Taste
05. Heaven's Torment
06. Wallow
07. Confusion

01. The Last Moment:

Anthony: I wanted a really powerful driving opening for this album, and this is the riff I came up with. The riffs in the song came together quite naturally and compliment each other well, so the song basically wrote itself. I think it shows a good variation of mid and slow pace, light and dark, heavy and soft, build-up and catharsis - all the elements Elegeion aspires toward. I felt this track needed some extra spice so I asked Justin from Chalice to feature lead guitar on the track, and I was more than pleased with what he came up with. This dude has melancholic harmony flowing through his veins and you'll hear it, even though it's only for a few brief minutes, on this track.

The lyrics are from the perspective of someone who has taken his own life and at the last moment before dying, realizes he doesn't want to die because he has someone to live for, but it's too late, so he dies. Bad luck.

02. Scars:

Dieudonnee: OK, I wrote this song in my old room on the top of a wedding photographer's studio. The room looked out to Smith Street (Melbourne) and with that the many broken people of the heroin scene. I always heard screams of angry addicts yelling at their partners and always noticed the scratches, cuts and bruises on their yellowed and sick skin.
My statue of Mary stood staring at me while I sat at my keyboard, and all I could think of was that I was so ungrateful to feel so depressed whilst there were all these lost souls down on the street before me. I hated myself and I hated the fact that my pain wasn't enough to be forgiven for the sins I've done and that constantly ate me up on the inside. I felt that there is no god and that there is no truth to the brainwashing I'd been subjected to all my christian life.
I have always suffered from bad depression and I hated looking at myself in the mirror. Scars became the result of both needing to be loved by something that doesn't exist and that imagining how it would feel like being so desperate by cutting my arms and wrists just so I could calm myself and scream without sound. This song was a cry for help that even though I was surrounded by so many people in my apartment, I felt empty and alone.

03. Solitude:

Anthony: A Black Metal influenced doom song. The song could be easily sped up and played in black metal style, as I think the main riff was originally written for that purpose. The lyrics are two poems I wrote several years ago that meant a lot to me, and I was never gonna use them in songs. Well I ended up using them for this…

04. Taste:

James: This song was written in 2000. The original title was 'fade construction blue'. I wanted something conventionally structured, clean and concise. I sometimes write mock-up lyrics to guide a song while its being developed and this was the case for 'taste'. The theme is one of frustration and self-doubt. It's the most 'melancholic' song, theme wise, that I've written. Dee did an excellent job of writing a very comfortable vocal melody which helps translate the human aspect (emotional reality) and the lyrics she wrote coincidently touched on a lot of the aspects of the original lyrics.
Dieudonnee: This song was a bit of a diary effort. I was in this terrible relationship with a guy I thought was completely out of my league, a sexy cloths obsessed speed freak chef, who was slowly pulling me down in the way that rebound relationships do. The song tells of the things I did to be with him, to be accepted.

I remember being always frustrated in the fact that I could never feel comfortable with him never said or did the things I meant to do, mainly because I was a complete speed freak at the time and being with him just encouraged me. I started to feel dependant on him, I couldn't do anything when I was waiting for him, I felt in awe of his face and obsessed with his shy kisses. The worst thing I felt I did, so that I could be with him and not be disgusted in his habit, was that I joined him in his addiction. I was in so much need to be accepted and loved by this guy I'd do what ever it took. The song is not only a reflection of this time of self-disgust but also a reflection of the sacrifices we all take to be accepted by the ones we admire or love. It's about loss, frustration and fucking up each other by going down the wrong path together.

05. Heaven's Torment:

James: This is a very old song with all of the distorted riffs dating back to 1996. Again, one of around 5 songs (including 'Taste') deliberately written within a conventional song structure. The original mock-up lyrics for the chorus remain in the finished recorded version. The clean ambient part towards the end of the song was improvised in the studio.

Dieudonnee: Most of these lyrics are mine the chorus is James', so what I did with this song is take from the chorus a feeling of something I've experienced and use it for the verses. It ended up being a basic reflection of my first long term relationship (how original!). It was a time when I took into my life a young and lanky boy who was so confused about his life that I couldn't help but try and mother and mould him. However after I introduced him into new scene's i.e.: Goth clubs etc, and brought him from Perth to Melbourne, he found other people and other women that he connected with. It's about trying to change someone and having it back fire on you, about learning to need someone when you were just using them for comfort and because they were good looking. It's about making someone cry too many times just because you wanted complete dominance and felt you were losing your self.

06. Wallow:

Anthony: I would have to say this is arguably my favorite song on the album. It was written in a total trance-like state and features relentless continual down strokes of the guitar for the entire duration of the song. I enjoy playing it immensely for its meditation qualities and do so often as a method of zoning out from the world. If you're a musician and know what I mean when I say that, you should learn to play it. It totally relaxes me. The lyrics are basically about the fact we are all empty lifeless vessels evolved for the purpose of incubation, propagation and perpetuation of DNA, and as much as we think we know ourselves, we don't as we are nothing and how can nothing know anything?

07. Confusion:

Anthony: Also one of my faves on the album. Was initially going to be the opening track of the album, but for some reason, I chose a more upbeat track to open. Hence I saved the best 'til last! I had been tinkering with some riffs on this song for about 8-9 years, wanting to keep them for a song worthy of them, and I think I achieved that with the structure of this track. The string section is one of the most intricate I have written, and I love how it turned out, especially the first verse Dee sings on. The song fades into a fast riff with a slow doom beat, which totally destroys the quick pace of the riff - a direction I aim to explore further in future - and it ends quite abruptly, hopefully leaving you wanting more…!


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