Salem - Strings Attached (Song by Song)

With: Ze'ev Tananboim [Vocals]
Conducted by: Undercraft
Published: 28.09.2005

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Album info: Strings Attached

01. A Moment Of Silence
02. Anno Domini
03. Coming End Of Reason
04. Dying Embers
05. Winter's Tear
06. Ha'ayara Bo'eret
07. Eyes To Match A Soul
08. Slave
09. Old Wounds
10. Hour Glass
11. The Fading
12. Recall
13. Old Wounds [guest vocalists version]
14. The 2nd Coming

01. A Moment Of Silence:

The title track from our third album, the biggest production we ever had with Colin Richardson (Fear Factory, Machine Head), the song is a memorial for the dear ones who died and the days that will never come back, a song in remembrance of old days forgotten by time, we expressed our honor, respect and feelings for those old times and dear ones who will never return, A Moment Of Silence to embrace both times and the souls of those people.

02. Anno Domini:

It's a brand new song written especially for the "Strings Attached" album, we became more experimental, yet powerful in this track, the singing is more colorful with 2 vocals style, a part of the song is more dark and avant-garde and the other parts are pretty heavy and powerful, embraced by the magnificent strings quartet to paint the sound in a classic vibe.

03. Coming End Of Reason:

In 2000 tree Israeli people were brutally slaughtered in the city of Ramalla which belongs to the Palestinian Government, they entered the city by mistake and been beaten to death and stabbed by the people in the street which caused riot and brutally tore their body parts while washing their hands with the blood of the victims, the picture of the Islamic terrorist showing to the world his bloody hand with the body parts of the Israeli victim was in CNN, BBC and in all the news channels aboard, the first 2 sentences of the song "Show the world and your masses, the blood of the butchered you have slain" says it all I think….., we used a female singer Kristine Wallace to sing with me and when she sing those words in her soft melodic voice it show the absurd which is as well reflected on the song's lyrics.

04. Dying Embers:

Song from our 1994's "Kaddish" album, the album was dealing with the horrible world war 2 issue which for us, as a band from Israel, is highly painful from a first place.
The song reflects, loneliness of the survival from the war which lost in his own memories from the past, surrounded by life's darkness and lost the will to carry on after what happened, his embers fade and die and the will to live became weaker and weaker, musically it's one of our darkest songs ever and a big favorite of our old time fans, the new version with the orchestra makes it even darker and more gloomy.

05. Winter's Tear:

It's another song originally appeared in our "A Moment Of Silence" album, the song is pretty gothic metal oriented with me sing together with our ex Drummer Amir Neubach which, in opposite to my voice: have a clean voice a la Robert Smith, the combination between the two worlds collides and creates a new unique song never heard from Salem before, the lyrics are melancholic and (as title says) "Winterish" , a great reflection of the more melodic side of us I shall say.

06. Ha'ayara Bo'eret:

It's a traditional Israeli song which was written decades ago, it was sang in the Ghetto by the Jews before the Nazis set their houses and took them to gas chambers and working camps, it's a VERY well known song in Israel which learned in history lessons, highly gloomy and darker then any metal song I know, the originals version appeared in our second album "Kaddish" but now with the strings quartet this version is darker and can lead you to tears easily, it's our most emotional song EVER, we only played it once live, when "Kaddish" album came out the media's reaction to the song in Israel was total hysteria and led to public discussion in the government of Israel in Jerusalem whenever if they need to allow it to played or nor (which they allowed of course), but it was in ALL major T.V channels etc.

07. Eyes To Match A Soul:

It's a song of a person yearn for embrace and love after a long life journey, he search for the one whose ears are brave enough to listen to beat of his hear as the sweat meets his tears and the quest just seems longer and no light at the edge of the world, it's one of our most popular songs ever, I sing together with our ex Drummer Amir Neubach, very emotional song.

08. Slave:

We took our most extreme song ever, from our forth album "Collective Demise" and totally changed it to classical music 100% with no metal signature at all, it was originally full of blast beats and fast grinding parts, now it sounds totally classic music, a marriage of 2 different worlds, or maybe not so different?.....

09. Old Wounds:

The song originally appeared in our first album "Creating Our Sins" in 1992, it's a very fast and aggressive song about the recent shape of society and the tragic cases as the grave desecration of the ancient tombs in France, the riots in England, and other extreme cases of society's failure, the classic quartet in this song added so much to the original spirit of the song, you can see our roots in classic music even when we played extreme death metal in our debut album, it sounds amazingly brilliant and updated.

10. Hour Glass:

From our third album "A Moment Of Silence" a song about the time ticking and burns while we keep on living and sometimes it's so hard to follow the change of time as the days pass by and you live your life without paying attention to the clock….

11. The Fading:

The first song from our 1994's album "Kaddish", the song was written after watching "Mad Max" which influenced me a lot and can be seen in the lyrics of the song, the strings qarter took this song to a new dimension and this version is faster then the original with blast beats from our drummer Nir Nakav.
The original version appeared in MTV's "Headbangers Ball" with Vanessa Warwick several times in 1995.

12. Recall:

From our "Collective Demise" album, the song is one of the most popular on that album and worked very well live, we took the guitar melodies and turned them to violins etc etc, it's so interesting to see the dimensions that the strings quarter added to this song.

13. Old Wounds (guests vocalist version):

From the first day it was very important for me to support new bands and the younger generation of metalheads, here, we took very good vocalists from Israeli metal bands and let THEM sing the WHOLE SONG without me, you can find here the vocalists of Arallu, Bartholomeus Night, Abed, Moonskin, Hangman, Spawn Of Evil, Eternal Gray, and Solitary, all great bands and I wish them all the best.

14. The 2nd Coming:

It's the last song on the album and a great piano oriented version of "Coming End Of Reason" sang by female singer Kristine Wallace, now the lyrics are in the spotlight and the song is darker and deeper.



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01.08.2007 - 21:16
the third song is refering the Lynching of two (not three) Israeli Soldiers: the event can be read with the below links.
This site is great. FOR ME TO POOP ON.

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Written by SETHULHU on 01.08.2007 at 21:16

the third song is refering the Lynching of two (not three) Israeli Soldiers: the event can be read with the below links.

Thank you for clarifying that

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