Incantation interview (08/2004)

With: John [Vocals, guitars] Joe [Bass] & Kyle [Drums]
Conducted by: Deadsoulman
Published: 20.08.2004

Band profile:


- Could you introduce the band please?

Kyle - We are incantation! ! ! ! ! Old school blasphemous death metal. We have just recorded and released our 6th full length in the past 15 years titled "Decimate Christendom". John Mcentee-guitars/vocals, Joey "fingers" Lombard-bass, Kyle Severn-drums.

- What caused your split? Internal problems with M. Saez, a kind boredom or tiredness?

Joe - Mike left the band for his own personal reasons. There wasn't any internal problems, he got along great with everybody, and he did a great job on vocals and guitar while he was in the band. It all worked out good for everybody, because now John's on vocals, and who better should be the frontman for the band then the guy who started the band.

- What do you think of the current revival of Extreme Metal ?

Joe - It's definitely a good thing! ! It's great to see old classic bands getting back together! There's also a new bunch of bands coming out with a newer form of Death Metal, the Blasting Fast style, that's bringing in a new younger audience to Death Metal. Now they'll get a chance to see some of the bands that helped start the scene.

- John, was it your plan to take over the vocal duties, or is that because of a lack of talented pretenders?

John - Well, mike left the band right after the recording of "Blasphemy" do to personal issues in his life at the time. I was not happy about it but I understood his situation. So at that point we all knew that I had to do the vocals, but we knew it would take some time so we asked some friends from other bands to help out until I was ready to take on vocals. For about a year I needed to practice getting all the vocal tones right along with being able to play guitar and sing too. So for a year we had a few friends like Vincent Crowley, and Belial from LETHAL PRAYER. But by January 2003 I was ready to go, and to my surprise the response was great. I have been busting my ass to do the best job fronting the band I can! I will be the final vocalist for the band and for now we are going to keep the band as a 3 peace. Joe, Kyle and I have been a steady line up since 2001 and we work great together. I was just sick of getting a vocalist and then after an album having them leave, with me doing vocals I won't be leaving the band.

- How would you qualify the evolution of Incantation's music through the years?

John - To me the music has gotten more extreme more heavy more aggressive. We just do what we like and like to push the limits of raw death fucking metal. We are a band that just makes our own metal path. the true underground way!

- "Decimate Christendom" is an aggressive album, but with a depressive , almost doomy side. What can you say about the music and the lyrics of this new album?

Joe - That doomy side is a big part of the whole Incantation sound. It fits the image, and lyrics, and mixes good with all the brutal fast riffs. The lyrics are anti-Christian based. The title means basically the total destruction of all Christian religions. Dark themes with dark music.

- What do you think of all the come backs of old bands over the past few months [Exodus, Suffocation, Death Angel]? Do you think this regain of interest for the past means the new generation is not really interesting?

Joe - I think some bands are coming back because they know there's a demand for it from the old school Death Metal fans, and of course they probably feel great playing again, you know.

- How was the recording "Decimate Christendom" gone? Do you think that the Mars Recording Compound what was suited you best?

Joe - The band has recorded at Mars for years now, so it does work best working with Bill Korecky. The recording went quick, we didn't have a lot of time in the studio, it actually took longer to get it mastered.

- October 2004. European tour with Krisun and Behemoth. Will you be the headline?

Joe - No, I think Behemoth is headlining, it doesn't really matter to us, we're just glad to be on it' because it's gonna kick ass! ! A very fucking brutal tour for European Death Metal fans! !

- How do you foresee incantation future now? Ready to rise out of the underground?

Joe - Incantation will never rise out of the underground, this is where we want to be, no compromising. If it's not underground, chances are it's not true Death Metal.

- Metalstorm. ee gives now the chance to its users to ask to their favorites bands some questions. This is one of this questions by: Empyreal Vagrant

- On your upcoming album, "Decimate Christendom", it's obvious you express anti-Christianity. My question is what would you like listeners to feel after listening, what was the desired affect?

Joe - Fuck religion! ! and what a brutal record! ! ! Haha ! ! !

- Thanks a lot for your precious time, one last word for the fans ?


John - Hail and thanks for the support. We look forward to seeing all you sick fucks on the road in 2004/2005. Check out my other band Funerus at: along with my label Ibex Moon Records at: Kyle also plays in Acheron and Wolfen so check them out too at: and


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