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Necrophagia - The Divine Art Of Torture review

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Band: Necrophagia
Album: The Divine Art Of Torture
Release date: 2003

01. Blaspheme The Body
02. Upon Frayed Lips Of Silence
03. Parasite Eve
04. Maim Attraction
05. Rue Morgue Disciple
06. The Sick Room
07. Conjuring The Unnamable
08. Flowers Of Flesh And Blood
09. The Divine Art Of Torture
10. Ze Do Caixão

"God is not here with us now , there is only the darkness here… and your death."
This creepy sample straight out from The Exorcist III marks the beginning of the new album by the undisputed kings of Horror Metal, ladies and gentleman (or should I say Ghouls and Undeads?) Necrophagia.

This is the first release of Necrophagia in five years, and the only remaining original member is Mr. Killjoy, mastermind of Necrophagia, his lyrics are inspired in horror/gore movies and those B-class productions, his work is much influenced by Italian legendary horror film director Lucio Fulci, and this album is inspired in the Brazilian horror film icon Coffin Joe ( Zé Do Caxiao) , Coffin Joe is the undertaker of a small village who terrorizes the citizens with his self centered, violent behavior, as a matter of fact, the cover art features Coffin Joe, with his trademark top hat, black cape, and long talon-like fingernails.

Musically Necrophagia brings us a fine mixture of Midpaced Death metal with some Black thrown in the mix. Most of the songs contains eerie movie samples, and one of them, the title track is entirely a dialog from Coffin Joe, followed by the song "Ze Do Caxiao".
Songs like "Maim Attraction" have a nice melodies, especially this one has a very addictive bell sound. "Conjuring The Unnamable" is also a great song.

I must say that I like horror/gore movies and the whole imagery the band uses is great, the concept of using horror movies as lyrical themes is intriguing , except that I'm not sure if Death/Black Metal is the best way to express those themes, I mean, there's nothing creepy about Death Metal…

I'm not such a big fan of Horror Metal, but it seems that lately a lot of bands are emerging from this genre, maybe this will become a new trend in the future, who knows. Anyway, be ready for the next wave of Horror Metal bands.

Written by Undercraft | 22.08.2005


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