Necrophagia - Goblins Be Thine review

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Band: Necrophagia
Album: Goblins Be Thine
Release date: 2004

01. Sadako's Curse
02. To Sleep With The Dead
03. Young Burial
04. The Fog
05. Goblins Be Thine

Killjoy and his army of undead corpses have returned with an Ep entitled "Goblins Be Thine" 5 songs of pure Horror Metal. A dark opus filled with tenebrous landscapes and that "B-movie" feeling all over the songs.

The first good point is the looks, the Ep which comes in a DigiPak looks just gorgeous, the cover art and the booklet is top-notch, it even features a drawn picture of the band, anime style, really cool!

Musically, this Ep is a little different from their previous works, because is more oriented to a horror movie soundtrack than a Death Metal record, this time the whole "class B" movies atmosphere has gained priority, but of course, that doesn't mean the aggressive parts are not there, sure they are, like the opener "Sadako's Curse", but my favorite comes in the next song, the instrumental "To Sleep With The Death" a grandiloquent keyboard drive piece, that could be used in a ending scene in a horror movie, really great.

More Instrumental madness with "Young Burial" where keyboardist Mirai (from Japan's Sigh) takes control of the creativity and adds a lot of atmosphere to the music, giving that extra low budget movie effect to the music.

The downside of the album is that the instrumental and ambience/landscapes parts are way much better than the music itself; I found Necrophagia Death Metal quite boring to be honest, the ambient/horror parts are way much interesting than their watered down Death Metal, although the production is very good, and in some songs you can find some moments here and there.

These guys should release an album filled with ambience music and samples from horror movies, that would be amazing, and also that would teach Rob Zombie a lesson or two on Horror movies and Metal.

Written by Undercraft | 22.08.2005


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