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Helloween - Keeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy review


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Band: Helloween
Album: Keeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy
Release date: October 2005

Disc I
01. The King For A 1000 Years
02. The Invisible Man
03. Born On Judgment Day
04. Pleasure Drone
05. Mrs. God
06. Silent Rain

Disc II
01. Occasion Avenue
02. Light The Universe
03. Do You Know What You're Fighting For
04. Come Alive
05. Shade In The Shadow
06. Get It Up
07. My Life For One More Day
08. Revolution [Japan bonus]
+ Mr. God [video][Russian Edition bonus]

The release of this "Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part III - The Legacy", end of this epic story started by Helloween 18 years ago with the amazing "Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part I", is like a big event in our Metal world. But it's also a bit hazardous and the band probably knows that a lot of people are waiting to see the result especially when you know that the tow firsts "Keeper Of The Seven Keys" are considered like classics.

Well, "The Legacy" is not deceiving, at the opposite I think that we're in front of a Helloween at the top of its form. The proof comes with some excellent songs like the fabulous epic "The King For A 1000 Years" an amazing composition of Heavy Metal with Gregorian choruses with a great melody. On the other hand some songs like "Mrs God" are a bit more funny (especially when you know the video) and are not so far away of a "good mood" Hard Rock of the 80's. "The Invisble Man" or "My Life Is For One More Day" are in the pure tradition of the German Power Metal, with furious tempo excellent riffs and (I'm sure that you was waiting for this one) the true Power Metal "we're all mates" choruses. But all that rock and it's a real pleasure to listen to those songs and we even have a classy ballad on the 2nd CD, then can we really complain? No I don't think so…

But the big question is, do we need two CD? I don't think so, some songs like "Silent Rain" for example aren't essential and in general the 2nd CD is not as good as the first one and a lot of the songs on this one are clearly oriented in the mainstream direction. However if you don't care about this tendency, you'll find some good songs like "Come Alive" and its really catchy chorus or the touching ballad (featuring Candice Night) "Light The Universe". But still, I think that it was maybe better to remove some songs and condense the two CD. On the other hand, we cannot blame a band that wants to give a lot to its fans.

At the end, does this "Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part III - The Legacy" will become a success? Yes I think so, but I don't believe that it will become a legend too like its two precursors, especially in reason of some average songs (especially on the 2nd CD). But we have an amazing singer and above all some real hits like "The King For A 1000 Years", or "The Invisible Man" and anyway I'm sure that you want to know the end of this epic saga. Then even if it's not as good as the two first "Seven Keys" it's still a Helloween album and you can't and don't have to miss this release.

Written by Jeff | 17.10.2005


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Helloween are the godfathers of Power metal. Keeper of the Seven Keys, especially the second part, is the the Holy Grail of Power metal. But it doesn't matter who dares to touch it, anyone who takes a classic and tries to make it better really has guts. It takes a very strong will to take a name as Keeper of the Seven Keys and make a third part of it. Now, those who oppose may say 3 things: that Helloween is already dead; that you can't do it without Michael Kiske; that you can't do it without Kai Hansen.

published 20.12.2006 | Comments (12)


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13.07.2006 - 02:05
Baz Anderson
yes, i think this album would have definatly been much much better if a few of the weaker songs were left alone and all the better stuff put onto just the one CD
oh well, i dont suppose it is all that much of a bad thing - i mean we get more music for our money right?
13.07.2006 - 02:29
Account deleted
The only song I really like on this album is "King of a 1000 Years". I can listen to that song for a looong time ^^ Sure there are some good songs but "King..." is without doubt the song that makes this album, atleast for me
03.12.2006 - 05:17
Rosetta Stoned
I agree with Basso. It's a great album but no real killer except from "king.." Mrs God is great aswell :)
13.12.2006 - 23:20
No killers? What is to you Occasion Avenue? Invisible man? Light the Universe? My Life for one More Day? lol
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13.12.2006 - 23:39
Written by Talvi on 13.12.2006 at 23:20

No killers? What is to you Occasion Avenue? Invisible man? Light the Universe? My Life for one More Day? lol

Actually, I don't really like Occasion Avenue and Light The Universe. The latter is nothing special, and we've hear better ballads with vocal duets and Occasion Avenue is just a mess. It's cool because there are some heavy riffs, but the whole song is quite bad.
But the opener, King For A Thousand Years, as well as Invisble Man and possibly Mrs God, are great songs indeed. Maybe not "killers" but songs I'd like them to play on a regular basis.
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Txus, Mägo De Oz
15.12.2006 - 05:51
Baz Anderson
and 'Silent Rain' as well..
i havent lsitened to this album in a while actually but i think i am put off listening to it because of how long it is..
the whole album reminds me of seeing them live though, so its kind of a special album for me now..
11.04.2007 - 21:11
the album is equal to the old keepers...another fine diamond by a great band....especially my life for one more day is one of their best ever!!!!9.5/10
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