Trepan'Dead - Instinct review

Band: Trepan'Dead
Album: Instinct
Release date: January 2012

01. Reborn
02. Power Pick
03. Lungs On Fire
04. Life Is A Whore
05. Energy War
06. Hungover
07. Blocks
08. Instinct
09. Swan Song
10. Infection
11. One Day Dogs Will Eat People
12. As Cold As You
13. Watchmen
14. Hunter
15. Explosion
16. Face To Face
17. Death From Above
18. Red High Tide
19. Atomic
20. H-Bomb [bonus]

Well, Trepan'Dead have been around since 1998. That's like... forever ago, huh? Instinct is the second album of this French grindcore band so I won't blame you for not knowing them before... But I will if you don't fix that problem now.

If you dig grindcore then fat chance you've heard this already. All the common ingredients are here: many short songs, thrashy riffs on a constant fast tempo, more groovy, bass-friendly and catchy mid-sections, vocals going from low growls to pig squeals along with some shouts and the classic hardcore/punk attitude as well... You know the deal. Sounds pretty normal to you? You are probably right. But is that something bad? Well... no, not at all! But why? It's the execution, guys. A very strong one by the way. The vocals are brutal and crazy, the drums vary throughout the whole album and the moments where you only hear the bass you get that cool grindy buzzzzzz sound that feels just dandy.

This is actually quite a good introduction to grindcore if you ask me. Sure, people usually check out the well known bands first but Trepan'Dead covers most if not all of the important bases on a bit less than half an hour without being a sad and obvious rip-off like so many others and that's something that deserves some credit. The key ingredient is just being convincing, you know? This is something many bands lack nowadays. Trepan'Dead are confident in what they do, very familiar with their strengths in order to exploit them the best way possible and it shows in their performance. 20 non-bullshit grindcore tracks right in your face.

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Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 6
Production: 8


Written on 03.08.2012 by An extremely lazy reviewer but he's so cute you'd forgive him for it.


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03.08.2012 - 23:08
That"s something i should probably check out
Written by Warman on 07.11.2007 at 22:39
Haha, that's like saying "compose your own Metal album and upload it here, instead of writing a review of an album". :lol:
04.08.2012 - 21:59
Yea im getting my hands on this one, need moar grindcore! MOOARR
09.08.2012 - 23:44
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Added to my checking list.

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