Cidodici - Freedom Rebellion review

Band: Cidodici
Album: Freedom Rebellion
Release date: 2012

01. A Note...
02. Christitution
03. Suburbia's Sadness
04. Beneath Your Skin
05. The Price of War
06. Old School Styla
07. Gli Occhi Degli Altri
08. Golden Gate
09. Mike
10. Waitin'
11. T.V.ictims
12. A Life to Learn
13. Impressioni di Settembre
14. ...On the Masses

After a melodic, yet slightly creepy, introduction, "Christitution" sets the tone of things to come. Melodic thrash it will be, at times reminding one of Testament or Grip Inc., yet different from both. Featuring members and guest appearances from members of In.Si.Dia, Death SS, Drakkar and Secret Sphere, Cidodici is a new project for these seasoned musicians, with Freedom Rebellion being their first album together.

Lashing out in anger and frustration at our 'civilized' society, Mario Monzani's vocals do have all the spite and venom needed for thrash - and then some! Even in Italian he still sounds pissed off - just check "Gli Occhi Degli Altri", with its hardcore / nu influenced singing. The riffs and all the guitar work are quite furious, pretty amazing at times (the soloing on "Gli Occhi Degli Altri"), all in all a definite highlight here! The downside, however, is quite apparent with the first listen : this one-hour album is too long for its own good, as the songs finally start to blur and sound all the same. For shame, really, as this album doesn't lack good ideas, like the well-used electro hints on "Christitution", but they finally get lost in a classical recipe... The generally dull drumming (thankfully mixed a bit in the background) doesn't help, I have to say.

See, this not-bad-at-all album is just a bit too homogenous and repetitive for its own good, but with the bunch of good ideas (and talent) featured here, I guess (and hope for them) Cidodici can evolve to something better... For now, sadly, the competition is far too fierce for them to make a lasting impression.


Written on 16.11.2012 by Once your regular Hellfest reporter, now retired. I (strangely enough) listen to a lot of metal. And enjoy good beers, comics, novels and role-playing games.

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