Deathwitch - Violence Blasphemy Sodomy review


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Band: Deathwitch
Album: Violence Blasphemy Sodomy
Release date: January 2004

01. Introt
02. Flamethrower
03. Total Morbid
04. Blood Sucking Fuck
05. Abhorrent Sadistic Tormentor
06. Lord Of Ymodos
07. Witch Of Death
08. Necrosodomizer
09. Bitchfinder
10. Violence Blasphemy
11. Coffin Fornicator
12. Worthless Scum
13. Fuck Off And Die
14. Death Maniac

When I received the package from Sound Pollution, and found 3 releases from Earache (and Wicked World) I have to say that I wasn't overwhelmed, because what Earache it releasing it's precisely what I listen to.
So my expectation was very low when I chosen one of the released to review, the choice fell on Deathwitch, a Swedish, regarding to the back of the promo, primitive, grim, and barbaric Death Metal band.
But, (with a big "B") this wasn't what I was expecting to hear, this was so much better.

Deathwitch was formed back in 1994, as a side project of long-time "Runemagick" front man (and one time "Sacramentum" drummer) Terror and by 1995 they had recorded their first demo.
And the same year they signed their first contract, with Necropolis Records/Desecration Records.
After four records on Necropolis ("Triumphant Devastation" in 1995, "Dawn of Armageddon" in 1996, "The Ultimate Death" in 1997 & "Monumental Mutilations" in 1997-1998)
They signed with Hellspawn Records in 2001 and released yet another album ("Deathfuck Rituals" in 2002).
Then they recorded their sixth album, this one that we have on the menu today, "Violence Blasphemy Sodomy" in 2003 and signed with Earache/Wicked World and they released the album in 2004, and there we are right now.

The thing that surprised me most on this record was the guitars; I didn't expect this wonderful guitar play from this band, not even close.
But again, as so many times before, does a Death Metal band show that they have one of the (maybe the best) best guitars in the Metal world.

The albums starts with an intro (very usual today), a 28 second long (or short) one, that's nothing special.
Follow up does the song "Flamethrower", the growls give me the feeling that it's going to be a long time before this record will reach it's last song, so I can turn it off.
But as soon as the first guitar riffs reach my ears, I change my mind.
This is good shit.
And so it go on every song, brutal growls, mixed with very good drums (hard, but still well played, not as in Black Metal with just a lot of noise, no this drums really fits the music) and unbelievable guitars.

As the album reach it's last song, which goes faster than I first thought it would go, the song "Death Maniac" flows out of my speakers, it's a nice ender, not very unlike the rest of the album (which keeps a equal quality through all songs) it's hard, very hard, have great guitars and growly vocals, as the rest.
And I have to say that they chosen many fun names for the songs like "Bitchfinder" (that have wonderful guitar riffs, again) and "Fuck Off And Die".

And one thing more, that it have been a lot of talk about, as the backside of the promo, there is a note for the journalists, it says: "Deathwitch don't give a FUCK what you thinků" and in a pres statement, the drummer of the band have said like this:

"I have received a lot of negative reactions from journalists and press because of a line on our promo CD of our latest album 'Violence Blasphemy Sodomy' released by Earache Records/Wicked World. The line is 'Note to Journalists: DEATHWITCH don't give a FUCK what you think."

"This was written by some one working for Earache/Wicked World and was NOT approved by me or the band. I didn't know a FUCK about this line until I got reactions on it and finally got the promo my self. So that line do not comes from the band! We hate it and of course we care about journalists and especially the underground scene. I think it's a very stupid thing to write on a promo CD. Then why send promos???

"So FUCK this shit and hail the metal of morbid death!"

Nice label worker, huh?

So, if you're about to buy one brutal, but yet Melodic, Death Metal album this year, I recommend this to you.
It's surprised me a lot and I think you will like is I do, and remember, this isn't my kind of music, but still I find much joy in it.

Favourite Songs: Hard one, but "Death Maniac", "Bitchfinder" is nice, and so it "Flamethrower" too, and the rest of them.

Written by Malcolm | 05.03.2004


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