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Band: I.N.C.
Album: Terrible Things
Release date: March 2019

01. Fist-Go-Rek
02. Identifier
03. Declaration
04. Terrible Things
05. Pledge Of Legions
06. Unscathed
07. Bonesaw Ballet
08. Salmonella
09. Nemesis
10. Devil Of Hearts

I won't judge you for not knowing I.N.C. (aka Indestructible Noise Command). I mean, how many '80s thrash bands can one know, right? No, not right you wimp Right. But I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who bypass Terrible Things.

I.N.C. recorded a demo tape back in 1986 and appeared on stage with the likes of Exodus, Megadeth, Pantera, Testament, and King Diamond. They were still in high school at the time. Then, after a pair of pretty enjoyable albums on a big label, they disappeared from the scene before making a return in 2010. But it wasn't exactly a glorious return. Unfortunately, both Heaven Sent... Hellbound and Black Hearse Serenade sounded more like Pantera than I.N.C. and, even worse, many songs felt like stuff Pantera would have rejected for not being good enough to be recorded.

But all this is history and now we have I.N.C.'s fifth full-length which, I am delighted to say, finds the band playing stripped-down thrash with a technical and melodic edge. Dennis Gergely is finally doing justice to himself and, instead of trying to sound like Phil Anselmo, he demonstrates his range of high-pitched wails and throat-destroying screams, but also finds opportunities for soulful singing. The duo of Erik Barath and Tony Fabrizi pours out one circle pit riff after another, while also injecting a hefty amount of melody in the compositions. The solos in particular are kickass motherfucking works of art inspired and eccentric and, quite honestly, they would perfectly suit a power metal album. Last but not least, the rhythm section's hammering is relentless, and I love the fact that I can hear Dave Campo's killer basslines.

Terrible Things is somewhat front-heavy, with its best material mostly placed in the first part of the album. The opener "Fist-Go-Rek" is a brass-knuckled punch in the face, "Identifier" is probably my favourite track with frequent breaks, a super-catchy chorus and an over-the-top solo, and "Declaration" is the absolute fist-raising thrash anthem. It would be difficult for any band to keep on going from strength to strength but I.N.C. have enough infectious and groovy riffage going hand in hand with faster pummelling throughout this record. Some eyebrow-raising moments, such as the jazzy solo and prog undertone of "Unscathed" or the symphonic intro/outro of "Nemesis" are fresh and interesting, and the mellow embellishments, in the form of bridges in the tracks that are listed towards the end of the album, will turn a few heads. I can't say I was entirely convinced by the latter ones, but I'm sure some people will appreciate them.

I.N.C. aren't signed to any record label at the moment and Terrible Things is entirely self-funded. It is also the real comeback album for I.N.C., full of old school aggression, breakneck velocity and brotherly violence, plus a few modern touches that don't sabotage its straightforward approach.

Support this band and buy this album if you are a thrash fan. You will not regret it.


Written on 13.04.2019 by Only way to feel the noise is when it's good and loud!


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