Dark Quarterer - Pompei review


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Band: Dark Quarterer
Album: Pompei
Release date: November 2020

01. Vesuvius
02. Welcome To The Day Of Death
03. Panic
04. Plinius The Elder
05. Gladiator
06. Forever

I really thought Dark Quarterer would have a more consolidated fanbase by now, but it's not like they're the only band treated poorly by history.

The first wrong step that Dark Quarterer took was forming in Italy in the 80s. How many 80s metal bands you know who weren't formed in either a country speaking a Germanic language or your own country? Precisely. Regardless, their 1987 self-titled debut is pretty well revered in certain circles, and it is due to finding it on Rate Your Music while browsing 80s metal charts that I found out about Dark Quarterer in the first place. Here on Metal Storm, though? Barely any comments and all of those at least four years ago. Now I don't want to blame people for not knowing about them, since there's a shitload of bands I know that I have to check and I haven't, and there's only so much attention we can spare to bands that deserve more. And with all that said, even if Dark Quarterer are classic, great musicians and songwriters, and have stayed consistent over the years, I can't say that they're really gonna wow that many people once they finally give them the chance.

To keep it simply, they play epic heavy metal, and even though progressive metal has been an element of their music since the beginning, it became an integral forerunner in their sound around 2008 with Symbols. So expect the progressive metal to be somewhat technical, but more 80s tinged than most of the progressive metal you hear nowadays. And because this is both an old band making a modern album it may find that it could be too old school for modern listeners and lacking the old school appeal that retro listeners look for. But Dark Quarterer are what they are, and they never really tried to chase any trend or do anything but the progressive epic heavy metal that they love to do, so I don't think they're as bothered by their obscurity as I am.

Pompei's concept is pretty self explanatory, as it's not really anything new for Dark Quarterer to make concept albums about ancient Mediterranean history, nor is the Pompei anything but the most famous volcanic event besides Krakatoa. If you're already familiar with the band, you know what to expect, and if you're not, Pompei is as good a starting point as any, except maybe their debut. Here however you'll find that the keyboards do enhance the progressive feeling, and Gianni Nepi's voice, already something that might not be for everybody, sounds understandably aged for someone approaching his 70s, and with him constantly using vocals that are on the powerfully epic side of the specter, there's more opportunity for that strain to be felt. But what is a Dark Quarterer record without bombast? The vocals might be a more divisive aspect, but I can't see how the rest of the performances here could not resonate with someone who enjoys this brand of progressive metal.

Eventually, Pompei only further extends Dark Quarterer's incredibly consistent discography, and with how long of a time usually passes between Dark Quarterer releases, I'd say we don't let this one get as overlooked, since we don't know if and when we'll get the chance to do so again.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 8


Written on 28.11.2020 by My opinion is objective, sorry if you don't agree, but you're wrong.


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28.11.2020 - 22:14
High Fist Prog
Are the user ratings any indication of any potential drop in quality over the years? I really enjoyed Symbols, but a little scared to be let down.
28.11.2020 - 22:16
Written by LeKiwi on 28.11.2020 at 22:14

Are the user ratings any indication of any potential drop in quality over the years? I really enjoyed Symbols, but a little scared to be let down.

Wouldn't call it any significant drop in quality, just them getting older making them harder to get into for people not already familiar with them.
Jusqu'ici, tout va bien...

2021 goodies
29.11.2020 - 02:13
Written by LeKiwi on 28.11.2020 at 22:14

Are the user ratings any indication of any potential drop in quality over the years? I really enjoyed Symbols, but a little scared to be let down.

Not that many votes there to rely on that number (which is still preposterous, if you ask me).

The vocals are indeed an acquired taste but the music is really good and this is an album worth listening by anyone into heavy/epic/prog. I admit never having heard of this band until Radu recently suggested them to me. They are worth exploring.
29.11.2020 - 10:15
Nice review, will soon listen to the album and let's see what my impressions are. Ithaca was at least a solid work with some truly brilliant sections.

But yeah sadly they haven't found a solid fanbase, at least outside Italy and Greece. Traveled to see them in Oslo 5 years ago or so and we were 10-15 people in the crowd... luckily the band didn't mind and gave it all on stage. Very talented musicians.
And what do you call assassins who accuse assassins anyway, my friend?
29.11.2020 - 21:18
Bad English
Tage Westerlund
I k ow few italian vanadium, greek spitfire, french band whit English drummer what later became superstor, spanish baron rojo, cech arakain, vitacit, milos dodo dolezal, citron, doga. Polish kat, croatatian crna udovica,

But youre right, this is good band, thanks to net they get better fan base. This side of Alps, was only where metal could live, life style, social values, in the sun somehow it dont work, i net changed things
Life is to short for LOVE, there is many great things to do online !!!

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