Souls Of Diotima - Janas review


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Band: Souls Of Diotima
Album: Janas
Release date: January 2021

01. The Black Mask
02. Sleep Demon
03. The Princess Of Navarra
04. Janas
05. The Dark Lady
06. Ichnos Superhero
07. My Roots
08. Maty
09. Mediterranean Lane
10. Sherden

Evil Tinker Bell is out for blood...

2021's first month is almost over and what have we reviewed so far? A crazy power metal album with an insane cyberpunk concept story. After that, we went back to normal with a straightforward heavy metal album. And now we have got a progressive/gothic record with a fairy tale concept that features superheroes, kidnapped humans and evil fairies that suck the blood of their victims...

Yup, we are back to the weird stuff again, aren't we?

To be fair, the band added a description to the promo that explained a few things. Janas apparently is (just like the previous record) a concept album, one that focuses on the legends and local folklore of Sardinia. The album title, for example, is also the name given to the fictional fairy creatures I mentioned earlier. They are described as beautiful creatures who bewitch people with their looks and then suck their blood. Hey, I said they explained some things, I didn't say that it would make sense... After all, we are talking about legends and folklore.

So, we have a pretty unique concept on our hands with Janas, but that's not the only thing we get.

Let's start with the performance from the band. It's simply excellent. This is progressive metal that's very inviting. Even for people who aren't really into this specific genre, I feel like this album has something to offer. It doesn't over-complicate things, yet still offers that playfulness you would expect from the genre. The band knows exactly what the songs need and they don't add too much fluff to it. I also want to mention the vocals because they are superb. Claudia Barsi adds a ton of charisma to this album and as a result adds a lot to the enjoyability as well.

The production is really solid as well. Gritty guitars, powerful drums, deep bass... it's all here and nicely mixed. The vocals (both the lead vocals and the occasional screams) are also crisp and clear in this production. No remarks here.

And the lyrics? Well, the lyrics manage to convey the concept of the album pretty well. It isn't the most thought-provoking stuff, but it doesn't have to be either if you ask me. It's a fun concept that inherently has a lot of fantasy and charm to it. Nothing too serious, but interesting nonetheless.

I had a really good time with this record. It's progressive music that doesn't go overboard with intricacies and little elements. Don't get me wrong, they are there and you will notice them with multiple listens, just not to the same extent as some other progressive records. And while that means it doesn't necessarily have the same depth to it as other albums in the genre, Janas offers something that a lot of those other albums don't always do: accessibility. It's an easy listen (even for non-fans of the genre) and pulls you in with its charismatic vocals and straightforward progressive approach. Luckily though, unlike the creatures it doesn't suck the blood out of your body... I think...

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Production: 9


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