Nailed Coil - Embodiment Of Unconsciousness review

Band: Nailed Coil
Album: Embodiment Of Unconsciousness
Release date: November 2004

01. Revolution Of The Dark Empire
02. Cult Of Serphiroth
03. Death Signs
04. Bloodred Dream Falls
05. Irreplaceable Soul

When the guys of Nailed Coil contacted me first to have a review of their 2nd demo on Metalstorm, they said to me in the email that they was a band which plays Heavy Metal!!!". I was waiting a new Iron Maiden of Angra, but it was not the case… The music of Nailed Coil is "heavy", but we are more in the spirit of the first Machine Head, than in the spirit of a Dio. But that's definitely not a problem, because this band is good and I'm sure that they could do something in the world of the Metal especially in the new scene of Thrash Metal.

"Embodiment Of Unconsciousness" remember me the two first albums of the famous Machine Head. Strong and very loud guitars riffs with some powerful and aggressive Thrash vocals really near of Death Metal, but with however (even if the drums are really powerful), a slow tempo. If you know this kind of music, I'm sure that you understand what I mean, there is a lot of anger in this music but unlike Grind or Death Metal, and even "classic" Thrash this is not a damned tempo which will give you this feeling, but the general dark ambiance of the songs. This persistent music is however not really easy of access, very dark and tortured I can't say that the band tries to copy someone or tries to play commercial music, at the opposite, that's even very hard to find a catchy chorus in all this album, only "Irreplaceable Soul" has one. Maybe the band could try to do something for that, I don't say that they must add a pure commercial chorus on their songs, but that's also good to have a chorus that you will remember for sure, but as I said at least we can't say that this band plays a commercial music, and that's something more than honourable for these Finnish guys.
For a demo honestly there are all the ingredients to do a good start and to catch a label, the production and the artwork are nice and this is the things that the labels want believe me…
The only problem for Nailed Coil will come when the time to catch their first fans will come. I have no doubts that all the alternative and Nu Metal fans, will love their music, but it will be a bit harder for the Metal Heads who only want something "classic", but well don't worry in general that's always the quality of the music which has the last word…

This young Finnish combo did something nice really, I like to listen to this album, and I will encourage the band to contact some good labels in the spirit of Roadrunner Records [who is looking for new bands…], they could have a nice surprise…[don't say to them that you play Heavy Metal by the way ;o) ] Anyway if you like bands in the spirit of the first Machine Head, this demo is a great surprise and I will ask you to check the website of the band for some more infos and samples.... A promising demo for a band with a real potential really…

Written by Jeff | 07.02.2005


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