Shattered Hope - A View Of Grief review


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Band: Shattered Hope
Album: A View Of Grief
Release date: May 2005

01. Forgotten Chapter
02. Vital Lie
03. Wane
04. My Perfect Illusion
05. Hollow Promises
06. My Withering Soul

From Petroupoli, Athens come Shattered Hope and they move in soundscapes that, sadly, do not blossom here in Greece as much as abroad. They have chosen to walk the oblivious path of doom/death metal. Yes, it's true that doom/death metal isn't the most renowned genre here in Greece, but what really counts is the fact that it blossoms in the hearts and souls of Shattered Hope's members that evoke, through their first demo, "A View Of Grief", inspired and fabulous doom/death metal soundscapes enriched with an intense lyrical essence.

Having listened to many bands of the 90s doom metal scene I can say that Shattered Hope do not remind of any other band specifically, they have a quite personal sound adorning it with their general influences. The guitar riffing is inspired, at some times slow, at others more dynamic, remaining always doleful and mourning. Nikos' grunting vocals are deeply expressive and add the ideal power to Shattered Hope's sound, interpreting in a wonderful way the melancholic and well-written lyrics. Something I shouldn't forget to mention is that Nikos is using at times his melodic vocals (like on "Wane") showing what a very promising clean voice he has, a voice he should use more in the future because he succeeds in evoking intense emotions through this way of singing as well.

The rhythm section lends groove to the compositions, creating walls of sound, while the lyrical keyboard melodies evoke a dreamy melancholic and grieving atmosphere surrounding the listener in an intense way. Additionally, the violin on "Vital Lie" makes the composition more emotionally charged and the sound of this song more affected and melancholic.

"A View Of Grief" is, emotionally, truly "a view of grief", taking the listener on a journey through fields of sorrow. It is also a professionally made demo, with quite good production (despite the fact that it was recorded at a house - the drums were recorded only at a studio), a demo that really deserves the attention of the doom/death metal audience. I am just waiting agonized for the next step of the band since I have remained amazed by the mourning hymn "Vital Lie", the incredible "Wane", the melancholically slow "My Perfect Illusion" and the 7-minute opuses, filled with an imposing feeling and emotion, "My Withering Soul" and "Hollow Promises".


Written on 06.10.2005 by "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."


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13.10.2008 - 23:58
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Indeed they have a very personal sound... I've never heard something like that before. Very good death/doom, I love the atmosphere! Recommended!
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