HIM - Love Metal review


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Band: HIM
Album: Love Metal
Release date: April 2003

01. Buried Alive By Love
02. The Funeral Of Hearts
03. Beyond Redemption
04. Sweet Pandemonium
05. Soul On Fire
06. The Sacrament
07. This Fortress Of Tears
08. Circle Of Fear
09. Endless Dark
10. The Path
11. Love's Requiem [Digipack bonus]

If there's any act that remains a mystery to most rock fans here in Australia, it has to be HIM. It seems like every European magazine fall head over heels for this band, and feature more interviews and reviews than other well-established groups.

But it's all for very good reasons. HIM is possibly one of the easiest groups to the ear I?ve heard in quite some time. HIM are a five-piece melodic rock act from Helsinki [Finland] are hardly newcomers, with Love Metal being their fourth release to date [following 1998's Greatest Lovesongs Vol. 666, 2000's Razorblade Romance and 2001's Deep Shadows And Brilliant Highlights].

Although the group is competent at what they do, they really play second fiddle to their front man Ville Hermanni Valo. Valo actually writes all of HIM's lyrics and music, and also gets most of the female attention with his good looks.

So what about the music? Well, HIM have been labelled as a gothic act in the past, but to be honest, other than the imagery that accompanies the group, they're essential an extremely melodic rock act [with similarities to other Finnish act Entwine].

The opening rocker 'Buried Alive By Love' has a slight similarity to gritty rock ?n? roll with it's endless riffing, but soon develops a big hooked chorus and Valo's stunning angelic vocals.

'The Funeral Of Hearts' [the albums lead off single] is a lush blend of aching love inspired lyrics with melodic rock incorporating huge melodies, and is typical of HIM's captivating formula [not unlike 'The Sacrament', 'The Path' and the dramatic gothic tinged epic 'Love's Requiem'). But it's not all ballads, with some rockier numbers coming in 'Beyond Redemption', 'Soul On Fire' and 'Endless Dark'.

A promotional video clip for 'The Funeral Of Hearts' has been included as an added bonus [along with the track 'Love's Requiem'] to the limited edition digi-pack version, making this album all the more appealing.

Love Metal is hardly full of killer riffs or classic metal moments, but it does make up for it with for melodies that will have you singing along in no time that are almost impossible no to like.

Written by Justin | 18.09.2003


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03.06.2007 - 09:32
Advice Troll
That was the first album of HIM that I heard, when I was a kid and not even into metal. I remember my sis or her friend giving it to me and I liked it. Nice stuff, very atmospheric sound with nice guitar elements. When I first got that, I was listening to it for months and I still do listen to it, it's a very pleasant album and maybe the best of them.
Bitch! Please
04.06.2007 - 19:12
Well I was introduced to this band with Greatest Lovesong vol. 666, and I could say, altough this album it's less "heavy" than the first album, I love it too!!

They're my fav band since I heard them... I like a lot their lyrics cause this is the best thing of the band, all your albums are different. Even the Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights likes me a lot (altough it songs are all pop ballads XDD) ... and this album rokks!!! XD

I hope Venus Doom will be better than Dark Light, their worst album without doubt....
19.05.2009 - 10:10
This album has really grown on me over time.. moreso than any other HIM album.

Unfortunately the band has gone downhill since "Love Metal."
Hopefully they can pull something off next better than "Venus Doom," but i doubt it.
But I Justify My Desire to No One
03.09.2009 - 13:17
The best album from them ! and I must say that the rate is fake ; do not trust that !

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